13 Dec 2013

Lucia For Dummies

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It’s finally here, December 13th! A very special day, not only do I step on board my flight this afternoon and head to Sweden, today is also the day when Swedes around the world celebrate Lucia, a tradition that might seem weird to most non-Swedish people but makes perfect sense to all Swedes. You can get a crash course on what it’s all about below. 🙂 It’s also Friday today, don’t ask me why I chose to travel on this day. Lucky I’m not superstitious. See you on the other side folks. Sweden here I come!

03 Aug 2013

I’ll be home for Christmas!

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Exciting news folks; I’ve booked a ticket back to Sweden over Christmas! Almost 3 weeks to catch up with friends and family, I’m excited! Unfortunately we can’t really afford for both Simon and I to go, so this time I’ll be travelling on my own. I wish I could have gone during the Swedish summer rather than winter (especially since it seems to be awesome this year) but since I’m a big Christmas fan I don’t really mind. I’ve spent the last two Christmas’ in Australia so it’s time for a cold one again, there will be plenty of summer and sunshine for me here when I get back home again. My work close down for a couple of weeks over Christmas and it’s a quiet time of the year so it’s a good time to go for that reason too. I’m managed to find flights with Singapore Airlines with great flight times (22-23 hours each way) with only one stop so I’m pretty happy.


Things I look forward to with my trip;

  1. Catching up with family
  2. Spending time with my Nana
  3. Seeing my friends
  4. Cuddle with Pollux & Nova ♄
  5. Christmas food
  6. Eating fil 
  7. Snow (hopefully there is some)
  8. All the Christmas decorations and lights
  9. Going to a Christmas market
  10. Having a real Christmas tree (yes mum, this year you HAVE to have one and it has to be inside too so we can smell it).
25 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas from Down Under

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24 Dec 2012

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

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23 Dec 2012

Oh holy night

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oh holy night

22 Dec 2012

Christmas recipe

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13 Dec 2012

Christmas feeling, or lack of it

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I’ve been a bit crumpy lately and I think one of the reasons is my total lack of Christmas feeling. I love Christmas, it’s my absolutely favourite! But the sun and summer in Melbourne doesn’t really do it for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the heat and the weather but it has nothing to do with Christmas. I think if I had my stuf and could put up my Christmas decorations it might be slightly different but this year the Christmas tree and my advent candle holder have to do. At least today on Lucia I’m trying my best to force my Christmas feeling to come out from its hiding place. I have my glögg from IKEA heated up, the Christmas tree is lit and I’m watching the traditional Lucia broadcast from Swedish TV. Thanks SVTplay!


Det funkar sÄdÀr att pÄtvinga julkÀnslan. Jag saknar fortfarande julmust, julskinka med senap, vörtbröd, pepparkakor och lussekatter tex. Blir det fler jular i Australien fÄr jag nog se till att vara lite mer organiserad. :)


04 Dec 2012


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The first glögg of the year has just been tasted at our house. It smelled amazing, tasted alright (not the best glögg I’ve ever had) and it was dark outside so I pretended it was winter instead of summer (I’m blonde so it worked). In other words, quite a success, but I did miss the pepparkaka and lussebulle 🙂

02 Dec 2012

Happy Advent 1st!

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27 Nov 2012

The red gold

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We went grocery shopping at Woolworth’s last night and just like Simon’s mum said there was saffron to be found in the spice section. No having to ask the cashier for it when you check out and pay like in Sweden, no it was right there on the shelf. Mum bought saffron in Sweden the other day at Apoteket for 30 kr for 0.5 g so comparing to that it’s more expensive here. I paid $6.58 for 0.5 g ( ca 45 kr), that’s $13,160 (!) per kilo!!. Maybe you can get it cheaper somewhere else but it’s a very expensive spice indeed.

I realised I probably need another package though before I start my saffron bun baking. I haven’t really been baking that much in Australia before and I have another dilemma that I hope to get some help with. We don’t have self raising flour in Sweden so maybe someone can shred some light on when I should use the normal flour and when I should use the self raising one.