18 Jun 2012

Mobile and iPad friendly

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I’ve tried to make the blog a little bit more mobile friendly. So now if you look at the blog from your smartphone or iPad you have the option to look at a mobile version of the blog instead. It’s slimmed down and should automatically adapt to your phone/iPad format. Let me know what you think if you try it out.

P.S You can still look at the normal web version by turning off the mobile theme at the bottom of the page.

30 Mar 2012

Don’t be a leader, be a follower!

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Don’t forget that you easily can stay connected and follow our updates both on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (swaussie) and Bloglovin’ (ENG/SWE).

06 Mar 2012


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So sick and tired of all the spam comments I’ve been receiving since we moved the blog.  We’re barely receiving any other comments so maybe we lost all our readers in the move. If your still read our random ramblings it would make us very happy if you just left us  a little comment letting us know you were here.

Anyone has suggestions on a good plugin to get rid of the spam?

29 Feb 2012

Check it out

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I’ve been working some more on the design of the blog and I’ve started adding some photos from our holiday in Australia onto the photo page. You’ll find the link to the page in the top right corner. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

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15 Feb 2012


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The Swaussie blog has existed since June 2010 but I’ve been blogging in different blogs since 2007.  I’ve been loyal to blogg.se since the start but I feel like I’ve outgrown the site and it is time for a change so therefore I’m trying something new. We now have our own domain and we now run the blog on WordPress instead. The old Swaussie blog has been transferred here so you’ll still be able to find our old posts in the archive. I’ll keep tweaking the design until I’m happy, so bare with me if the blog looks like a construction site until I’m done.

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02 Nov 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

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It’s always a great feeling when someone appreciate our blog and let’s us know it. Therefore I was very happy when we received this Versatile Blogger Award from Laura last week. Thank you so much for nominating us! 🙂

There are a few things you need to do when you receive the award, the first one being to link to the person who nominated you of course. I recommend you to go have a look in Laura and Ryan’s blog, When in Oz, where they share their experiences as expats in Australia. Read more