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10 Nov 2011


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The weather might not be as warm as certain Aussies I know would like it to be. But still, it’s the warmest autumn in 130 years and today, November 10th there is no snow at any of SMHI’s weather stations. Snow has fallen but it hasn’t stayed and according to the archives this is the first time there has been a snow-free November 10th since regular snow depth measurements began back in 1904/1905.

07 Oct 2011

A little bit too early

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We’ve just entered October and already there are snow reports in Sweden. The northern part of Sweden experienced the season’s first winter storm last night resulting in 10 cm of thick, wet and yucky snow on the ground. This caused chaos on the roads since (obviously) no one had put on their winter tires yet and I guess the snow plows wasn’t exactly lined up and ready for this. I see it as a cruel reminder that winter is on its way in a not too distant future and immediately start counting down to our Australia holiday – 75 days to go!

15 Jul 2011

Did I miss a memo?

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It feels like a missed a memo stating that there wasn’t going to be a summer this year, because clearly that’s the case (at least so far). Below 20 degrees in the middle of July and too much rain. And here I am trying to (once again) convince Simon that this isn’t normal. Sweden is normally warmer and nicer during summer. I promise!  Somehow he doesn’t believe me.

On the plus side I’m not “wasting” any annual leave being off in this shit weather. No offence to my friends who are on holiday. 😛

29 Jun 2011

Let there be light

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Simon is quite amazed by the fact that it’s so bright here in Sweden during the summer from very early in the morning to very late at night. We discussed this with his parents this weekend and to illustrate this I’ll show you a typical Swedish day in June with some photos taken yesterday at 6am, when I’m up and at it, and at 10.30pm when I head to bed. The sun is set to rise around 4am in Jönköping right now and set just after 10pm but it’s not really fully dark for long in between.




31 May 2011

My favourite time of the year

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It’s warm today (at least with Swedish measurements) around 25 degrees and the weather forecast for the 5-day long weekend is looking really good.

Every time I mention that I love summer Simon just hint that there is a lot more of it in Australia. I have to agree that it gives Australia a big fat plus on the score card Sverige vs Australia. But there still is something special about Swedish summer even though it’s not quite as hot or sunny as the Australian one. Simon just hasn’t experienced it yet…maybe he’ll change his mind or at least tilt a little my way soon and appreciate Swedish summer too. 🙂

21 Apr 2011

Glad PĂ„sk!

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Now it’s officially Easter holiday. Yeah!! Feels great to have a couple of extra days off. We’ll start off the holiday by making a quick visit to Göteborg to hang with some friends and then on Saturday we’ll head down south to visit family and more friends. As usual a pretty busy schedule in order to spend time with everyone. Really looking forward to seeing Maria, HĂ„kan and little Ella (my Godchild), we haven’t seen them in ages. A downer is the weather forecast though. It’s said to be nicer in Jönköping than in Karlshamn. 😛

Notice how long the days are now, the sun goes up around 5.30am and stays up until 8.30pm. I love this time of the year!

And just for comparison here is the weather forecast for Melbourne and Adelaide as well.

11 Apr 2011

It’s a heat wave!

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Everything above plus 5 degrees is considered to be a heat wave by Simon. 😉 Today Jönköping has offered a mind blowing 17 degrees!  It’s been sunny with semi-clear blue skies, just too bad I had to stay inside working. It’s actually almost the same weather here as in Melbourne and Adelaide now, except the sun stays up a lot longer in Sweden. When we talked to Simon’s parents this weekend they said it was really cold there now….well everything is relatively. 🙂

It will get a bit colder again here later in the week but still it’s nice to know that spring really is coming. I’ve been reading too many blogs from Swedes living further south in Europe and in the States and I’ve become a bit jealous about the nice weather. So it’s about time it’s our turn.

18 Mar 2011

Setback for spring

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Yesterday almost all the snow was gone but last night it started snowing. I expected it to be some snow this morning but not quite the 20-30 cm that we received over night! It caused chaos here in Jönköping this morning with all but two bus lines cancelled and over 100 vehicles stuck in “Göteborgsbacken”, a steep hill on the way out of Jönköping which I normally drive up to go to work. Trucks were stuck in the three lanes from midnight and they started towing them up the hill.


I had to digg the car out before I could go to work and take a different route this morning avoiding the queues leading up the hill.  Even though the roads were plowed (but very bumpy) it took us twice as long to get to work compared to what it normally does, since we had to drive around 50 km/h the entire way….except for when we had to do 30km/h. 😛



Supposedly it’s said to be sunny this weekend and warmer so hopefully the snow is gone as fast as it arrived. Fingers crossed!

01 Mar 2011

Australian & Swedish Seasons

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It’s officially the first day of Autumn today in Australia, at least according to the calender. Australian seasons always begin on the first day of the month, in most other countries seasons begin on the 21st day of the month. The 21st day of December and June are the longest and shortest days and the 21st of March and September are the Autumn and Spring solstices. Read more

04 Feb 2011

Slip! Slop! Slap! Seek! Slide!

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I just have to admit I really like the Australian Weather Bureau of Meterology. You can get so much information, statistics and data from them it’s insane. In comparison SMHI (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) seems like a joke and if you want to see any statistics over temperature or such you have to pay for them.

Yesterday I was interested and reading about the UV index in Australia and directly found some interesting information and forecasts. For example I found out that the UV index at noon today is going to be extreme in the entire country.

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