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02 Jul 2012


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Någon har tips om var man kan få tag på bra vakuumpåsar till bra pris? De måste dessutom passa i en kartong som är 55 x 35 cm (för om jag förstår det hela rätt kan man inte vika påsarna när man sugit ur luften, rätta mig om jag har fel).

17 May 2012

Shipping from Sweden to Australia

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We’ve started to organise our move trying to figure out what stuff to keep and what to sell. With the things I want to keep there are of course some things that I would like to bring with me to give our home in Australia a little Swedish touch and there are things that have a sentimental value to me too that I would like to bring if I can.

So we’ve started to look into different shipping options since we have no idea on how much it would cost, whether sea or air freight would be the best option or what company to use. We’ve received some advice but mostly from people that have done it the other way around from Australia to Sweden. Maybe one of you readers have some good advice from own experiences, anything you can share with us on the subject would be highly appreciated.