14 Jul 2013

We got a house!

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We’re a bit overwhelmed at the moment, it all happened very quickly yesterday but we’re now house owners! Two weeks ago we found a house out in Eltham North that we really liked. To be honest I thought Simon was a bit nuts first when he showed me the house on realestate.com.au and I couldn’t really see the potential Simon saw. But after going to the open inspection and seeing it live I was on board. The house needs a lot of work but it got huge potential. Immediately after we had seen the property last weekend we started making renovation and extension plans to figure out what we could do, how much it would roughly cost so we know what we would be able to offer.


We arranged a building inspection of the house on Thursday and we both arranged to be there during the inspection and we got to meet the 70 year old lady that lives there and speak to hear. We found out on Thursday that they already received an offer on the house from someone who would like to tare down the house and build a new one. Given that the lady have lived in the house for 30 years she’s very attached to it and would rather sell to someone that would keep it. Something that could work in our favour since we found out during the building inspection that it wasn’t anything structurally wrong with the house.

We decided that we were going to place an official offer and we wanted to move quickly since we didn’t want more people to see the property. From previous experiences we knew that good properties move quickly in the Eltham area and we didn’t want to miss out. Unfortunately that didn’t happens since the real estate agent was unable to meet us on Friday and more inspections were scheduled in for both Friday and Saturday morning. We were booked in to meet the real estate agent at 3 pm yesterday and in the morning we found out that two other official offers had been handed in. This worried us since we didn’t want to get into a bidding war. There was another open inspection in the property and we went to have another look and decide where we stood. Over 20 people at the open inspection and we walked away worried and a bit confused but determined that we really wanted the property.

We met the real estate agent and handed in our offer. We found out that we probably wouldn’t know the outcome until Sunday arvo or Monday since they had to speak to the vendor, her sister and her son who all had to be happy with the offer. Since there was not much more we could do we drover home. We only made it to the garage before we had another call back from the real estate agent asking what we would charge in rent if the lady rented the house of us for 1-3 months while she found herself a new unit (something we discussed earlier as an option we were happy to along with).  This gave us hope and 30 minutes later we had another call letting us know our offer was accepted and the real estate agent could head to Maribyrnong straight away so we could finalise the deal. So last night at 7.30 pm we signed the papers and officially became home owners. It’s surreal, exiting and a little bit scary at the same time.  I skyped with my mum this morning and I’m very happy that she and Bo are happy for us. It means a lot to both Simon and I to have both my parents and Simon’s support. 🙂

Now we have to get our home loan ready for the settlement and then we’re good to go. Life in Suburbia here we come! 🙂



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