27 Jan 2013

The search is over

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A couple of months ago we saw a wall clock we really liked at Myers. It’s a big yellow clock from Salt&Pepper. We decided not to buy it but over time when our apartment slowly has become more and more furnished we decided that we really wanted the clock as a centre piece in our lounge room. Of course by the time we made this decision the clock seemed to be sold out everywhere, at least in the yellow (it comes in heaps of other colours too). I was really dissapointed since I had fallen in love with it.


So on Friday I called the Australian wholesaler to see if the clock perhaps was available somewhere. I was told that it was sold out at the moment but they expected more clocks in, in April/May but they couldn’t tell me what stores that would have it available then. A bit dissaponting but the nice lady I talked to did another search of what stores bought the last clocks from the wholesaler in the end of last year. I was given two stores around Melbourne that might still have them in stock. I called the first on which happened to be just around the corner from our house. Luckily enought they did have one clock left but they wanted $179 for it, that was $40 more that we had seen it for before at Myers and we thought that was expensive.

I called the second store as well just to check if they perhaps had it as well to a different price and they did! They too had one clock left and the price was $140 but they also had a 25% store wide disount at the moment so it would end up being just over $100. Lucky! The store was in Doncaster which is a 40 min drive from my work. We decided it was worth the drive to save $80. When we got there the lady I had spoken to earlier said she had bad news. She had tried to call me and left me a message (which I didn’t receive a notification for so I didn’t hear it) since the clock that she had put aside for me actually already was sold (something she wasn’t aware off). At that point we were pretty disappointed that we made the drive for nothing! She then offered to call their second store just to double check if they perhaps had any in store too. As it turned out they had 2 left so we then made the trip to Mill Park to pick it up. Once we got to the store we were told the other one had just been sold after ours were put aside so we were very lucky.

A long story just about a clock I know. But it’s just funny how things work out sometime. In the end we did get our clock at a good price even if it meant we had to make a road trip around Melbourne’s eastern suburbs on our Friday night.

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