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13 Dec 2012

Christmas feeling, or lack of it

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I’ve been a bit crumpy lately and I think one of the reasons is my total lack of Christmas feeling. I love Christmas, it’s my absolutely favourite! But the sun and summer in Melbourne doesn’t really do it for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the heat and the weather but it has nothing to do with Christmas. I think if I had my stuf and could put up my Christmas decorations it might be slightly different but this year the Christmas tree and my advent candle holder have to do. At least today on Lucia I’m trying my best to force my Christmas feeling to come out from its hiding place. I have my glögg from IKEA heated up, the Christmas tree is lit and I’m watching the traditional Lucia broadcast from Swedish TV. Thanks SVTplay!


Det funkar sådär att påtvinga julkänslan. Jag saknar fortfarande julmust, julskinka med senap, vörtbröd, pepparkakor och lussekatter tex. Blir det fler jular i Australien får jag nog se till att vara lite mer organiserad. :)


13 Dec 2012

Trading hours

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Something I can’t really get used to here in Australia are the different trading hours. I’m used to at least the shopping centres in Sweden being open until 8 pm all weekdays (at least in the larger cities) meaning I could easily get errands done after work. That’s not the case here. Here the normal closing time in a shopping centre is 5.30 pm meaning there is no chance at all that I can make it in time before they close. Except for the late night shopping on Thursdays and Fridays that is, when the shopping centres generally close at 9 pm. Not a big problem you might think and well maybe it isn’t but it’s definitely something I’m struggling a bit getting used to.

They’re not stupid though these Aussies, around Christmas they of course increase their trading hours. And if that isn’t enough many of the major shopping centres even have an all-night shopping (at least in Melbourne) on December 23. A good chance I guess to get that last minute Christmas shopping done though I’ve never felt the urge to go shopping at 3 am in the morning, but maybe that’s just me.

13 Dec 2012

Give 100%

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12 Dec 2012


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11 Dec 2012

Special moment

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Last night felt like a special night, special enough to bring out the treasured Swedish chocolate at least! A taste of heaven! 🙂

08 Dec 2012

Life could be worse

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It’s a 40 degree day in Melbourne and after last night’s Christmas party with my work just hanging in the pool at our friends’ house in Eltham is a perfect activity.


06 Dec 2012


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Some days Australia feels further away than other days. Today is one of those days. It’s also the day when my brother and fiancee together with my sister and boyfriend are getting on a plane to fly to Gran Canaria. Tomorrow my parents will follow. It’s not just for a normal family holiday where they all decided to escape the Swedish winter. They all going there because Anders and Linda are getting married on Monday.

Initially we were meant to be there too but in the end decied not to go. We couldn’t justify spending that much money, taking unpaid leave from work for just a week’s holiday. Not after all the expenses we’ve had with the move. We simply couldn’t afford it. Anders and Linda will come here for their honeymoon in the end of March though and we’ll be able to spend a whole month together. I’m really excited about that and I know we’ll have a blast but it doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m missing out on my brother’s wedding, on sharing that special day with my family. I don’t regret our decision not to go but I’ll still feel sad about not being there if that makes sense. I know that our life will have plenty more of these kind of situations when you wish it was easy to just pop over for a short visit. The downside of being a Swaussie if you like (luckily there are heaps of perks too though, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it).

But I’ll stop being a sulk and instead wish Anders & Linda all the best for their very special day. I know it will be perfect and absolutely beautiful. You’ll be in our thoughts and we’ll look forward to seeing heaps of photos and hear more about the wedding and the holiday. Love you lots and lots!!

06 Dec 2012

Mama Baba

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I had a lovely evening last night spending it wth 25 of my fellow SWEA girls/women at Mama Baba, Master Chef George Calombaris’ popular Italian restaurant in South Yarra. A special treat for the night was that George actually was working so we got to say hello.

There are so many nice Swedes around  and I love hearing everyone’s different stories about their journey that brought them here, to the city we all love. The dinner was our last activity for the year and now we’ll take a Christmas break and prepare for the big kick-off in February.

05 Dec 2012


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04 Dec 2012


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The first glögg of the year has just been tasted at our house. It smelled amazing, tasted alright (not the best glögg I’ve ever had) and it was dark outside so I pretended it was winter instead of summer (I’m blonde so it worked). In other words, quite a success, but I did miss the pepparkaka and lussebulle 🙂