09 Nov 2012

MSC Ravenna

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I’m amazed about how much information can be found on internet. I know it’s the 21 st century just get over it but the other week for example after finding out the vessel name on the ship taking our consignment down to Melbourne Igoogled the name found both a pic of the ship and lots of other information which was pretty cool. I could see that the last known location was outside Sri Lanka’s coast

MSC Ravenna the Liberian registered 366 m long and 51 meter wide containership built in 2011 taking our belongings down under. Top speeed 14.1 knots/average speed 13.9 knots

Less cool was finding out when in contact with the local freight forwarder here in Melbourne that the shipment is delayed and new ETA into dock in Melbourne is now 25th of November. Then the approximate 10 days to clear customs have to be added on top of that before we actually have our stuff here. It’s taking a freaking long time if you ask me, I just want my stuff to come NOW! Yes, I’m getting unpatient, who wouldn’t.

I moved to Australia July 25, our consignment was picked up from Gothenburg August 24 and driven to the UK. It was loaded onto a ship a month later on September 28 and it has now been on the water 42 days and there is then apparently another 16 to go. 🙁

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