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10 Oct 2012

Beautifully Swedish

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I find it funny but I’m not sure that the humour comes across the right way in Rekorderlig Cider’s new Australian video campaign – Swedish school.

Swedish Cider brand, Rekorderlig, has released its first ever viral video marketing campaign to encourage cider lovers to bring out their ‘inner Swedishness’. The campaign is a series of high quality, humorous films that introduce ‘Swedish School’ to Australia, spearheaded by a fictional character called ‘Olof’


The Swedish cider is very popular down here and very expensive. I can’t really justify buying it knowing it’s so much cheaper back home. But from time to time when I want a taste of home I will. 🙂

08 Oct 2012

Just like home

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Found a little oak tree in Bernie’s garden this weekend. I didn’t even now that Australia had oaks.

Blekingetjej som jag i grunden är med eken som landskapsträd fick det mig att känna mig precis som hemma. 🙂

08 Oct 2012

Weekend at Bernie’s

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Another weekend quickly over and it’s back to work today. This weekend was spent in Nathalia, a little town about 220 km north of Melbourne. A friend of ours grew up there and we went up to attend her 30th that she decided to celebrate up there. A really good party with excellent food and nice to get a little bit of country spirit as well. 🙂

Great decorations

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05 Oct 2012

The happiest people

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04 Oct 2012

Grand Final weekend

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What a weekend last weekend was, I feel like I need another one just to rest up. It was the Grand Final weekend, the Australian footy final between Hawthorn and the Sydney Swans. We had invited some friends over for a combined GF, housewarming and 30th party. Given the limited space in our apartment we were hoping for nice weather so we could be on the balcony. That didn’t exactly happen. Read more

04 Oct 2012

Only in Australia

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Only in Australia do you find solar powered Christmas lights. That’s just so weird!! Simon didn’t find it one bit strange but I was amazed. Christmas and sun just don’t go hand in hand in my world. Christmas and snow on the other hand, that’s a different story. 😉

The fact that the Christmas stuff is available in the stores this early is another story on “what’s wrong with the world” and not just an Australian issue.