13 Aug 2012

Visa granted!

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I am pleased to advise that Anna…. has been granted a Temporary Business Entry (Class UC) Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457) visa. This visa allows you to travel to, enter and remain in Australia and is valid until the date specified above.

I received an email from my case officer on Saturday night at 9.42 pm (isn’t that a weird time to receive an email by the way) informing me that my visa was approved. So now, finally I’m legal to work. My visa was granted for three years but I think Simon and I’ll be applying for our own visa, independent of work before then.But for now it’s all good and I’m relieved that it was sorted so quickly. I actually had my decision in about a week after handing in the missing application. I was called up by my case officer on Wednesday asking me to send in a proof of my health insurance (being Swedish I’m not covered by Medicare) so I did on Thursday and then on Saturday I had my decision. Today I applied for my Tax File Number too so as soon as I receive that I can finally open a bank account.

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4 Responses to “Visa granted!”

  1. Reply Anna says:

    Go ahead and apply for your de facto (partner) visa – then you will be a resident, and as such covered by Medicare!

    • Reply simon & anna says:

      We will, but the first 12 months work pays for my health insurance anyway so it doesn’t really matter for us that much now. But I know for a fact that my work will try to use the sponsoring cost to my disadvantage in salary discussions in the future so I’ll get to it pretty soon for that reason. 🙂

  2. Reply Annelie says:

    Bra att företaget betalar din sjukförsäkring första tiden för du kan visst ansöka om Medicare card trots att du är på business visa. Vilket du kanske borde göra ändå, alltid bra att ha vid 100 points of identity och liknande. Ditt Medicare card är giltigt lika länge som ditt visum men de ger bara för ett år i taget och förlänger allt eftersom. Ett reciprocal Medicare card räknas som det lägsta requirement av private health insurance hos Immigration, allt annat är bull. Vad de har rätt i är att man måste vara covered när man kommer in i landet, med andra ord om hade betalat själv hade du bara behövt betala privat sjukförsäkring för någon månad och sedan ansökt om Medicare card när du kommit!

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