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21 May 2012

Spiders & insects

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One thing I don’t look forward to about my move are the Australian insect, in particular the spiders  (yes I know spiders are not insects). I hate spiders! Even looking at photos of them gives me goose bumps and make me feel sick. I saw my first Huntsman when we were in Australia over Christmas. Inside Simon’s parents’ house! I know they’re one of the harmless spider species but still they’re big and disgusting and if I find one of them in our house I think I might die. 🙂

But it’s not only the spiders that freak me out, it’s all insects that I’m not familiar with. They’re so many insects, different from the ones we have here in Sweden and I don’t really know if they’re dangerous or not. I remember clearly (and I think Simon does too) my encounter with a scary beetle back in 2009. I had dried my laundry outside and just took it off the clothes line and started folding it inside. On one of my jumpers I found a bug and I freaked out screaming throwing the jumper on the floor. Of course it was totally harmless but after that I dried my clothes inside. Why I’m sure this is a vivid memory for Simon too? I had him on the the phone so I screamed his ear off. 🙂


21 May 2012

Årets första

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Solen skiner över Göteborg, huliganerna…jag menar fansen samlar sig. Dags för Ă„rets första derby pĂ„ Gamla Ullevi.


21 May 2012


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20 May 2012


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17 May 2012

Till salu: Superskön hörnsoffa

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Förberedelserna för flytten Ă€r i full gĂ„ng och idag la vi ut en annons pĂ„ Blocket för att försöka sĂ€lja vĂ„r soffa som tyvĂ€rr inte kommer kunna flytta med oss. SĂ„ kĂ€nner du nĂ„gon i GöteborgsomrĂ„det som Ă€r pĂ„ jakt efter en superskön lĂ€dersoffa fĂ„r du gĂ€rna tipsa om vĂ„r. Annonsen ligger uppe HÄR.

17 May 2012

Shipping from Sweden to Australia

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We’ve started to organise our move trying to figure out what stuff to keep and what to sell. With the things I want to keep there are of course some things that I would like to bring with me to give our home in Australia a little Swedish touch and there are things that have a sentimental value to me too that I would like to bring if I can.

So we’ve started to look into different shipping options since we have no idea on how much it would cost, whether sea or air freight would be the best option or what company to use. We’ve received some advice but mostly from people that have done it the other way around from Australia to Sweden. Maybe one of you readers have some good advice from own experiences, anything you can share with us on the subject would be highly appreciated.

15 May 2012

Don’t cry

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14 May 2012

Absolut Greyhound

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Have a look at this really cool ad promoting the drink Absolut Greyhound from ABSOLUT, featuring new music from Swedish House Mafia.

14 May 2012

Get a **** kitchen installed

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I can’t really figure out if it’s a joke or the real thing. But it’s funny either way! 🙂

14 May 2012

Amazing weekend

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It has been an amazing weekend, at least for me. Simon ended up being really sick and missed our friends’ wedding. 🙁 It was a beautiful wedding and it meant so much for me to be able to share the special day with Maria and HĂ„kan. The weather could have been a lot better, especially during our little photo session. It was a windy, a bit chilly and it drizzled from the sky but overall it we were lucky, it could have been a lot worse. But it wouldn’t have hurt if the sun was out like it was on the yesterday though.

Now the wedding photos have to be edited. I had a quick look through them yesterday and it seems like I’ve managed to at least get a couple of good shoots. I’m sure I can give you a little sneak peak later but until then I’ll just share a photo of one of mum’s apple trees.