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14 Feb 2012

I like

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Gotye – Somebody that I used to know

This song by Belgian-Australian Gotye (pronounced “go-tea-yay”) has really grown on me since I first heard it and I like it.

14 Feb 2012

Evergreen Herb

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Hopefully today’s purchase will live up to its name. I struggle keeping my herbs alive (I either give them too much or too little water) and therefore I decided to try Cult Design‘s self watering herb pot. The pot is made out of terracotta which helps the plant to breath. The top part has a piece of felt in the bottom that lets the plant absorb just the right amount of water from the the bottom part which is filled with water. All you need to do is top off the bottom with water once a week to keep the herbs fresh. We’ll see about that. I bought three pots (since they were on special this month) and will now try to keep my herbs fresh. Fingers crossed it will work. 🙂

14 Feb 2012


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I received an early Valentine’s Day flower from Simon yesterday or it was actually two. He bought me two beautiful orchids! I love orchids and have quite a few but three of them died in the aftermath of our holiday. I guess they didn’t like being neglected for four weeks.

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14 Feb 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

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14 Feb 2012

Take the fall

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13 Feb 2012


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 I took the time to spend some quality time with my Nana when we were home this weekend. It was nice catching up with her and it amazes me everytime I see her how well she is for her age and what a clear mind she has, after all she’s on her 92nd year.  I bought some nice tulips for her and maybe, just maybe that will help bring Spring a bit closer. Let’s hope so. I’m over the snow.

12 Feb 2012


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Another great artist has died too young, only 48 years old. The cause of death is still unknown but it seems like she drowned as she was found unconscious in the bath tub in her hotel room, after being partying heavily. Her vocal performance wasn’t what it used to be before she died which isn’t such a surprise considering her history of drug abuse. But still once she was good, one of the greatest.

11 Feb 2012

Vacation relaxation?

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It’s funny because it’s true (at least part of it).

09 Feb 2012

Prove real

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08 Feb 2012


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I know I’ve shared my love for kikki.K before and I just want to express it again. I love the Stockholm range of bags that came last year and when we were down in Australia over Christmas I went in to look at this beauty. I really would love to have the Norrmalm bag as my work bag. Maybe one day…until then I’ll keep on dreaming.

Image borrowed from the kikki.K website