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07 Dec 2011


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06 Dec 2011

How to survive a Swedish winter – No. 2

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Sweden has four very different and distinctive seasons, each one of them special and wonderful in its own way. And if you fail to find anything positve with winter (which I doubt, I think you’ll find something even if it’s cold, dark and long) there is always spring and summer to look forward to.

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06 Dec 2011

Ice, ice baby!

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I got a cruel reminder this morning why I don’t like winter. Since hate is a very strong word, let’s just say I strongly dislike one particular thing about winter more than the rest – the ice!

I’m like Bambi on ice as soon as it gets slippery outside. I’m so scared of falling especially since a had a couple of really bad falls last winter leaving me embarrassed and bruised. Therefore I walk around like a duck or a penguin when it’s icy. Not only does it look funny, it also takes a lot longer to get from A to B. This morning for example it took me 53 minutes to walk to work. It normally takes me 40 minutes. That’s an increase with around 30% which is valuable time, especially in the mornings.



05 Dec 2011

How to survive a Swedish winter – No. 1

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Swedish winters tend to get pretty cold and temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. You can count on it if you live up in the northern part of Sweden but the last couple of years it’s been really cold and lots of snow down in the south too. So my number one tip in order to survive the winter is to make sure that you gear up!  A thick winter jacket, a beanie, a scarf, thick gloves and of course a really warm pair of shoes is a must.

05 Dec 2011

How to survive a Swedish winter

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It’s dark late in the mornings and early in the afternoon. It’s getting colder and the snow is also on it’s way. The winter is here! I  know a lot of expats struggle with the Swedish winters, especially when you come from a warm country, like say Australia, where the word winter doesn’t even come close to meaning the same thing as in Sweden. I also know for a fact that a lot of Swedes struggle too. I’m one of them, I always lack energy during the winter and I’m always walking around being cold. Therefore I’m asking you for your help. Expat or not it doesn’t matter, send us your best survival tips on how to survive a Swedish winter and then I’ll share them all with you here with this little winter banner up the top.

Together we’ll survive! =)
05 Dec 2011

Don’t waste it

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03 Dec 2011

Throw your hands in the air

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02 Dec 2011

Failed time planning

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I must admit I’m pretty good at planning things but I suck at estimating how much time things will take. I had another proof of this the other day when my deadline on an arts and crafts project sort of ran out and in panic I had to stay up all night to finish it.

But let’s take it from the beginning. A Christmas tradition that I grew up with is having an Advent calender where me and my siblings got a small little gift each day until Christmas Eve. I really treasure this tradition and when I found out that my godchild Ella didn’t have one I saw it as a great opportunity for me to spread on the tradition and get creative at the same time. Also if she enjoys it, maybe it can be my little yearly tradition to supply at least some of the gifts for the calender.

But this year I first had to decide how to make the calender itself as well. I googled around to try to find a good template but in the end I found lots of ideas and got inspired but had to make the calender myself without a template.


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