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20 Dec 2011

1 more sleep

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First of all my apologies for the silence in the blog but we’ve been very busy preparing for the trip. I promise we’ll give you updates as often as we can when we’re Down Under. Given that there is only one more sleep before the loooong trip starts I’ll share a little something my brother sent over. It’s a list of the best of the best in Australia, at least according to thousands of readers of the magazine Australian Traveller.

Federation Square, Melbourne

  • Favourite Australian travel experience: A Weekend in Sydney, NSW
  • Best city: Melbourne (Yeaah!)
  • Best town: Margaret River
  • Best resort: Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa
  • Best luxury hotel: Palazzo Versace
  • Best affordable hotel brand: Novotel
  • Best B&B: Glass on Glasshouse
  • Best caravan park: Clarkes Beach Holiday Park
  • Best adventure holiday destination : Overland Track
  • Best guided tour: BridgeClimb Sydney
  • Best restaurant: Quay
  • Best bar or pub: The Ivy
  • Best road trip: Great Ocean Road
  • Best cruise/yachting experience: Bareboating in the Whitsunday Islands
  • Best train journey: The Ghan

18 Dec 2011

4th Sunday of Advent

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Less then a week until Christmas!

15 Dec 2011

Power of love

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14 Dec 2011

One more week

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13 Dec 2011

Unpredictable weather

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In the end of last week it was very windy and rainy weather causing lots of drama here in Gothenburg. Now another storm is heading our way with strong winds and up to 20 mm of rain expected and SMHI (Sweden’s Meteorological and Hydrological Institute) has issued a Class 3 warning (the highest there is) particular for the area around Ätran (blue line in pic above) where the water levels are extremely high and there is a high risk of flooding.


Extreme weather conditions that could be very dangerous to the general public, and cause severe disruption to society. The general public is recommended to check tv, radio and the internet for updates.

Why am I telling you this you might ask yourself. It’s because when I look back in a couple of months time I want to remember how crappy the weather was just before we left for Australia. The Adelaide forecast for next week is looking a lot better than the Swedish one above. 🙂

13 Dec 2011

How to survive a Swedish winter – No. 6

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You can’t fight nature so try to embrace the winter instead and befriend the snow. Learn how to ski (cross country or slalom) if you don’t know how to already, go ice skating, sledding or just spend some time outside; build a snowman, make snow angels or have a snowball fight. And in order for you to enjoy this we come back to tip No.1– keep warm and you’ll stay happy!


13 Dec 2011

Missing someone

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13 Dec 2011

Happy Lucia Day!

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December 13th equals Lucia Day in Sweden. 🙂

13 Dec 2011

Travel in style

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I picked up the the package from Gogogear today and I must say so far I’m very pleased with my purchase. I’ll be traveling in style with my new travel wallet (that seem to fit a fair bit) and my new sleeping mask next week when I put them both to the test.


12 Dec 2011

No coffee, no workee

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