22 Aug 2011

How well do you know Australia? – quiz

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Time for another quiz, this time about Australia. Do you know the answers? If you don’t you can cheat and have a look at the answers.

1. What’s the capitol city of Australia?

a) Sydney
b) Brisbane
c) Canberra
d) Melbourne

2. What’s the highest mountain in Australia?

a) Mount Bogong
b) Mount Kosciuszko
c) Mount Ossa
d) Mount Woodroffe

3. When did European settlement commence in Australia?

a) 1500
b) 1901
c) 1788
d) 1889

4. Which state or territory of Australia is the most populated?

a) New South Wales
b) Queensland
c) Victoria
d) Australian Capitol Territory

5. Who was the first prime minister of Australia?

a) James Scullen
b) Kevin Rudd
c) Sir Edmund Barton
d) Joseph Lyons

6. Which two animals are represented on the Australian coat of arms?

a) Kangaroo & Emu
b) Platypus & Wallaby
c) Dingo & Possum
d) Echidna & Wombat

7. How many stars are there on the Australian flag?

a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

8. What’s the title name of the Australian national anthem?

a) Waltzing Matilda
b) The Road To Gundagai
c) True Blue
d) Advance Australia Fair

9.What’s the expanded name for the acronym ANZAC?

a) Australian and New Zealand Associated Companies
b) Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
c) Australian and New Zealand Authority Corporation
d) Australian and New Zealand Action Confederation

10.What’s the name of the largest sand island in the world?

a) Magnetic Island
b) Fraser Island
c) South Stradbroke Island
d) Tasmania

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