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22 Jul 2011

Östersjöfestivalen – here we come!

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It’s week 29 (yes, we Swedes like to talk about our weeks in numbers instead of dates) and that means a big event takes place in my small hometown Karlshamn – Östersjöfestivalen (Karlshamn Baltic Festival). We’re going down and catch up with friends and family and experience this summer event when the streets are filled with around a quarter of a million visitors (the municipality only has about 31 000 residents normally), street performers, food vendors, markets, beer tents and music.

22 Jul 2011

To do in Oz #2

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Another thing I plan on doing when we’re in Australia is to eat the prawns I’ve heard so much about. Apparently they’re suppose to be really big and yummy!

22 Jul 2011

You are strong

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21 Jul 2011

You know us

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Since we have just over 100 unique visitors every day I’m guessing that some of you return on a regular basis. We appreciate you popping in of course and hope you enjoy what you read. You know quite a lot about us but it’s few of you that leaves a comment and that we know. It’s of course voluntary to leave a comment after reading but it would be fun to know:

20 Jul 2011

To do in Oz #1

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Well, I know it’s about five months to go before we go to Australia but I’ve already started to plan stuff I want to do once we’re down. I’ll share them with you in no particular order. Here is no 1.

Have as many Boost Juices as I possibly can!
20 Jul 2011

The Total London Experience

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We decided last week that we’ll be joining Simon’s parents and aunt on their visit to London in the end of September and now Simon’s dad has booked us all in for this ultimate 10 hour day tour – The Total London Experience.

The tour includes;

Sounds nice doesn’t it? Something to look forward to while working all summer.

20 Jul 2011

A living proof nature has a sense of humour?

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In Australia you can find a really strange animal, the platypus. It lays egg like a bird (the only mammal that does that by the way) and looks like a mix between a duck, an otter and a beaver. They’re considered one of the oddest creatures found anywhere in the world – for a good reason.

They can be found only along the eastern coast of Australia all the way from North Queensland down to Tasmania. The platypus is also one of the few poisonous mammals there is, the male platypus has a poisonous spur in the back feet which ban be quite harmful to humans.


19 Jul 2011


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I ditched work early today to meet up with Erica, Jonas and Emilia instead. They were in town for the day and was going to go to Universeum, the big science center here in Göteborg so I joined them. I never been there before and I’ve wanted to go for a long time plus it was nice to catch up with Erica. I mean after all it was almost 2 weeks since I moved from Jönköping and last saw her. 🙂

Universeum is Scandinavia’s largest science center and it has both an Ocean Aquarium with exotic fishes, sharks and rays as well as native Swedish fishes, an exhibition of poisonous snakes, a rainforest zone as well as a couple of temporary exhibits. I can recommend you to visit if you get a chance, a perfect attraction on a rainy day for example. Read more

19 Jul 2011

Quick delivery

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I ordered the theory books for the Swedish driving license HERE yesterday for Simon and they came in the mail today. That’s what I call quick delivery.

19 Jul 2011

I love my new shoes!

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The question is how long will they stay white!?