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27 Jul 2011

My desk vs everyone else’s

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Ok, I might be a sook right now (I blame it on the fact that I’ve been sitting here alone for too long) but today when the sun is actually shining outside I still have no clue since my desk is the only desk in the office not placed next to a window. All I stare at if I take my eyes from the computer screen (which does happen from time to time) are black screen walls.

Which desk would you prefer to sit at?

27 Jul 2011

I apologise

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You never come around anymore. I realise that something must have upset you deeply. Was it something I did? Something I said? I never meant to hurt your feelings so if I did, I do apologise. I know I might have neglected you when you came around but I sure never ment for this to happen. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me and let me make it up to you. Can we meet and talk face to face and discuss this openly? I promise to give you my full attention.

You’re so warm and loving and everyone is happy around you. You make me happy! I miss you lovely, sweet sun! I miss you a lot and I truly love you with all my heart. Please come back, let us try again. I promise to do better in the future to keep this from happening again.

Lots of love

27 Jul 2011

Ball of Light

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Denis Smith is an Adelaide photographer that I found because of his latest photographic project – Ball of Light. The photos are absolutely amazing and intriguing. Wouldn’t mind having one of his prints on the wall, maybe I’ll try to get my hands on one when we’re down. 🙂

Remarkable Rocks – Kangaroo Island, SA

Distantly Related – Grange Jetty, SA

Softly Softly – Port Willunga, SA

Under the Boardwalk – Grange Jetty, SA

“There is so much post processing of photography today, I wanted to create something that was real, yet unreal. No pixels are added or subtracted from the Ball of Light images.

Living in South Australia has inspired me as a person and as a photographer. The constantly changing country side, the incredible landscapes and beautiful city give me no end of scope to work with. I dream of searching the planet for the Ball of Light. It has enlightened my life, perhaps it may bring joy to others.”

26 Jul 2011

Any song suggestions?

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Trying not to go crazy spending every day alone at the office and Spotify is my friend. I have a list with songs for work but would love to have suggestions on songs to add from you guys!

26 Jul 2011

Över 100 bloggar

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Jag vet inte om det är så att vi svenskar är ovanligt glada för att blogga men min samlade blogglista över bloggande utlandssvenskar bara växer och växer.  Det är så roligt att så många delar med sig av sina äventyr boende långt borta från Svea Rike.

Givetvis får ni hemskt gärna fortsätta lägga till bloggar ni tycker saknas och om du inte har tittat på listan så tycker jag du ska kika in HÄR och få lite inspiration. Nu kan du även gilla blogglänkarna och låta andra läsare få veta om det är någon blogg som är extra läsvärd (enligt dig).

26 Jul 2011

You do, stupid

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26 Jul 2011

To do in Oz #3

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Soak up as much sun as I possibly can so that I’ll survive the rest of the winter back home in Sweden.

25 Jul 2011

Congrats Cadel Evans!

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I’m no big bike sport fan but since the blog is about Sweden and Australia I have to mention this weekend’s big sport achievment – Australian Cadel Evans‘ victory in this year’s Tour de France. He’s actually not only the first Australian ever to win the prestigious biking race but also the oldest rider to win since World War II. So hats off to you, Cadel. 🙂

25 Jul 2011

It’s a sick world

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It sure is a sick world we live in when someone (since part of his mission was to make a name for himself I won’t name him here) has so much hate that he finds it perfectly ok to first detonate a bomb in the middle of the government quarter in Oslo and then continue on a shooting spree at a youth camp dressed as a police, murdering 93 people in cold blood. So horrible. So meaningless. So indescribably evil.

This psychopath chased after the youths shooting them as they tried to flee Utøya, the island they were trapped on. Survivors tell stories about how they played dead in order to survive. How they saw their friends get killed right in front of their eyes. How the killer went around and shot his victims again in the head just to make sure they were really dead. He shot them with expanding bullets causing major internal injuries on those that were hit, survived and are now hospitalized.

The scary thing is that killer probably was percieved as a normal 32 year old guy. Maybe a bit of a loner but still just a normal Norwegian guy. But on the inside he’s filled with hatred and resentment towards people in a society that he feels has been eroded by mass immigration and multi-culturalism. He feels he has done nothing wrong(!) and says he wanted to start a “revolution”. He took his anger and hatred out on his fellow Norwegians in a way that says “Look at what you have forced me to do!”. How many more of his kind are there out there? Ticking bombs ready to explode taking their angry and hatred out on innocent people?

25 Jul 2011

Svergie vs Australia #21

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in this category so I figured it’s about time. This might seem very trivial to you but for me, being the addict that I am, it’s a very important issue to me and a potentially big problem. 🙂

One of the things I missed the most when I was living in Australia was normal chewing gum. Yes. there are of course chewing gums in Australia too but they’re not the same. They taste different, the packages are different, it’s just not right. So since I’m the boss of the blog I’ll hereby hand over another point to Sweden making the current score, time to catch up Australia ;):

Sverige – Australia 12-9