28 Jul 2011

Moving on

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Things are starting to look better and better in the apartment so soon I might even dare to put up a pic or two of it. This week Simon has actually worked from home for three days so for the first time in months we’ve been like a normal couple living together. Such a treat to come home from work and have Simon there being able to spend time together in the arvo. We even got to go out and have dinner last night. But even though it’s getting better and better in our new place I still miss my old apartment.

I miss the space, I miss the balcony but most of all I miss the kitchen. Our new kitchen is tiny in comparison. When you want to reach something in a cupboard you always have to move ten other things out of the way first and there is not enough bench space. Even the sink is too small, you can’t even put a plate down properly which get’s annoying when you’re doing the dishes. Which leads me up to another thing I really miss…the dishwasher. I know I shouldn’t complain but if you go from something great to something not equally great you’re allowed to be a sook, at least for a little bit. I promise I’ll stop. Soon.On Monday, I’ll head to Jönköping to make the final arrangements handing over the keys and getting the money for the apartment so next week it’s not even mine on paper anymore. A bit sad but life is all about moving on, right?!

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4 Responses to “Moving on”

  1. Reply Sam says:

    We have a kokvrå now in Sweden & a 28 sqare mtr apartment with no balcony. I went from living in my own rented 3 bedroom house with a big kitchen & dishwasher & full sized fridge, a backyard & frontyard & garage with my pets & car, 3kms from Mordialloc beach lol! So I know what you're talking about, I guess like you said, it is moving on, even if it is damn hard! 😉 Still exciting that you're living in Gothenburg 🙂

  2. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    @Sam: I'll stop being a sook now. That's a lot smaller than our just around 62 sqm. But yes, it is an adjustment for sure and I don't think Simon and I would survive on 28 sqm so good on you for coping! 🙂

    I just have to keep dreaming of the future house and garden I'll be having. Some day. And for now it's exciting to be in Gothenburg, it's a great city so that's a big plus!

  3. Reply Frida says:

    Usch. Förstår att du saknar det! Himla fin lägenhet du hade innan!

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