21 Jun 2011

This is not what we signed up for

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I’d like to think I have a pretty positive look on life but sometimes it’s just hard to find the positive things with a situation. Things seemed so positive, Simon getting a job earlier this year and all but the job that we thought was so great has turned out not to be. Simon is in Malmö Monday through Friday working his ass off for way too little money. He has to stay at his boss’ house (it’s of course very nice of him to let him stay there but it’s not a very good situation in the long run). It was suppose to be for a short period of time before he would be placed in Göteborg. That’s the reason why I asked to get transferred to the Göteborg office and that’s why we sold the apartment and are about to move. Now it doesn’t look like he’ll be in Göteborg any time soon. So basically we’re no better off after the move. We’ll be living in a smaller apartment and we’ll still won’t see each other during the week.

This is not what we signed up for. Simon didn’t come all the way to the other side of the world for us to not see each other and not being able to do anything fun at all, only struggle to survive financially. There has to be a change. Not sure what the change is going to be but something has to change. We’re struggling to keep our heads above the water and we’re not particular happy with our situation right now. Life is not meant to be this hard, not all the time! Sorry for being so negative but I’m telling it like it is, the ugly truth. It’s not a fairytale story at all even though I wish it was.

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