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17 Apr 2011

Sverige vs Australia #20

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Both Australia and Sweden has the option of self checkout/self scanning in many grocery stores. But they’re very different.

In Sweden it works like this:

You have to register with the store that you like to use self checkout in. Usually you have a card that you swipe when you get into the store to get a scanning device. Then you start shopping, scanning the barcodes of your items as you go along and when it comes to vegetables, fruit and such you put them on a scale, pick what item it is and weigh them in order to get a label with a barcode you scan. When you reach the checkout desk it varies a bit from store to store what you do but normal is either to scan a checkout barcode or put the scanning device away and swipe your card again. Your groceries are then summed up and you can pay with your debit/credit card. If you like to pay with cash there are seperate checkout desks with personnel you can use. Easy peasy!

In Australia it works like this:

You go shop and pick up your groceries as usual and all the work of scanning your items is done when you actually check out. The checkout scanning machine gives you oral instructions on what to do and you scan your item, weigh fruits and vegetables and pick the right item on the screen just like you do in Sweden. You then can pay with either cash or a debit/credit card.

I must be honest and admit I don’t get the Aussie way, it just seem to take a lot longer. I rarely used them when I lived in Melbourne just for that reason. I think the Swedish way is very easy to use and it doesn’t feel like my shopping takes longer, I don’t have to stand in line to check out and the checkout process is very quick. The downside is when you get a random check and have to go to a normal checkout counter to scan all your items to make sure you didn’t cheat. But that doesn’t happen very often.

But I really want to give this point to Sweden anyway since Australia tried to make it easier but I feel like they didn’t really manage to do so, correct me if I’m wrong.

Sverige – Australia 11-9

16 Apr 2011

Dirt & Dust Festival

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This year’s Dirt & Dust Festival takes place in Julia Creek in the Australian Outback this weekend. It’s a festival about bulls, bikes and butts apparently.

It all started back in 1994 when a couple of locals tried to come up with ideas on how to put Julia Creek on the map. And in one of Queensland’s hottest and harshest climates the idea was born to run a triathlon!

The triathlon continues to grow both in numbers and esteem. It’s not easy – but then nothing is in this part of Australia, that’s the challenge! There is however something for everyone else that doesn’t run, ride or swim. The festival has also over the years offered magicians, country music talent quests, amateur boxing, dance groups, cultural performers, fireworks displays, tobacco rolling contests, local iron man/woman contests, sanctioned Bull rides and the list goes on. Read more

15 Apr 2011

Torsdagar med Australientema

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Jag upptäckte precis via Maries blogg, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Herring, att jag missade två TV program om Australien igår kväll. Det är SVT som har två nya serier med Australiantema – Mitt i Naturen Australien och Landgång Australien. Spännnade!

Mitt i Naturen sänder 8 avsnitt med fokus på Australiens djurliv. I första avsnittet, Alla har pung, gör programledaren Martin Emtenäs ett stopp på Kangaroo Island och undersöker den djurgrupp som kanske är allra mest typisk för landet, pungdjuren.

Missade du precis som jag programmet kan du hitta det på SVT Play – HÄR. Och vill du inte missa de kommande programmen går de på torsdagar kl 20.00SVT1.

I Landgång Australien åker Anne Lundberg tillsammans med German Zamudio under 5 avsnitt på en kulinarisk resa Down Under. I programmet är German inbjuden som gästkock på Aniara, en stor svensk bilfraktbåt som ständigt åker jorden runt. De mönstrar på i Auckland på Nya Zeeland och fortsätter med båten utmed Australiens kust med flera stopp på vägen till Melbourne. Resan avslutas med en roadtrip utmed den vackra Great Ocean Road sydväst om Melbourne och besök i nationalparken vid de fantastiska Tolv apostlarna.

Första avsnittet sändes som sagt igår och kan även det återfinnas på SVT Play HÄR, och kommande program sänds på SVT1 under torsdagar kl 20.30.

15 Apr 2011


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15 Apr 2011


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Another random post from Annas mind. 🙂 I somehow came to think of Akubras today.  Akubra is the Aboriginal word for head covering and it’s a hat. And not just any hat, it’s the famous typically Australian hat as you’ve probably seen being worn by Prime Ministers, Presidents, movie and sports stars, royalty and people all over the world. This felt hat is a true Australian icon.

Cattleman - Australia's favourite Akubra, a style in the tradition of the Australian stock-man.

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14 Apr 2011

Don’t forget

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To add your favorite place in Australia in our little survey. Click on the pic to go directly to the post.

14 Apr 2011

Swedes and their flags

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One thing that Simon has pointed out so many times is how much we Swedes love our flag poles. A large majority of Swedish houses have their own flag pole in the yard. I’ve never really reflected on it before Simon said something but now I think about it all the time and it’s so true. And if you don’t have a flag pole there is a big chance that you have a façade flag instead….or maybe you’re lucky enough to have both! 🙂

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13 Apr 2011


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I’m so tired when I get home from work. I wish I had so much more energy to do stuff. I guess given that my days at work are pretty busy all day and I’ve barely even had time to take a proper lunch break might have something to do with it. That plus the fact that my throat has been sore for a couple of weeks now, just a little bit..enough to be annoying at all times. I’ll just take another Bafucin and go grocery shopping so that I can relax the rest of the evening after that.


13 Apr 2011

Love more!

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12 Apr 2011

Sverige vs Australia #19

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Another reflection from Simon regarding Sweden that I came to think about today was, what he in the beginning referred to as our ridicilous recycling routine. What would be better than making this subject into a Sverige vs Australia post (especially since I think it’s a given point to Sweden).


Sweden is very green, we recycle almost everything and just in our apartment complex (and we’re not in any way unusual) there are different bins for organic waste, cardboard/boxes, paper/newspapers, plastic, metal, coloured glass, clear glass, light bulbs, batteries and cumbastible waste. On top of that we bring electrical, hazardous and other waste to the town dump.


The organic waste (e.g fruit peels, potato peel, tea bags, serviettes, anything that’s bio degradable) is in our municipality turned into biogas which is used as fuel for our carbage trucks and other cars as well. Biogas is both cheaper and smarter environmental choice than our normal fossil we’re using now. What remains after the production of biogas is a nutritious biofertilizers used by local farmers instead of the normal chemical fertilizer.


In Australia on the other hand, most things go in the same bin and since I’m so used to recycling everything meticulously I found it really hard to do that during the six months I lived in Melbourne. It felt very wrong. The downside to the Swedish system is the many bins you have to keep in the kitchen but it’s not that big of a deal so this point goes to Sweden without a doubt.

Sverige – Australia 10-9