25 Mar 2011

Waffle Day

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It’s the 25th of March today and that according to the Swedish calender that means it’s Våffeldagen (the Waffle Day)! It’s also the Christian Feast of Annunciation (in Swedish: Marie Bebådelsedagen/Vårfrudagen). Most people don’t particular celebrate the feast of Annunciation but the day is considered to be the start of spring in Sweden so that’s worth celebrating. And what could possibly be a better way to celebrate it in than eating waffles?!

Swedish waffles are shaped as hearts and you can either eat them whole (5 small hearts connected) or tear them apart and eat them individually and of course you need to eat them with traditional toppings which are jam (in the north normally cloudberry jam, in Swedish: hjortronsylt), whipped cream or ice cream and maybe some fresh strawberries. Yummy!

Since we’re on the road we’ll see if there will be any waffles today otherwise I guess we just have to celebrate this very important day next week when we’re back home again. 🙂

Enjoy your waffles!
Och här kommer ett recept på kanske iaf seminyttiga Dinkelvåfflor.


  • 2,5 dl siktat Dinkelmjöl
  • 1,25 tsk bakpulver
  • 3 dl mjölk
  • 60 g smör
  • 2 ägg

Gör så här:

Blanda ihop mjöl och bakpulver i en bunke. Smält smöret och häll i mjölken i kastrullen. Häll det över mjölblandningen. Rör ner äggulorna i smeten. Vispa äggvitorna till hårt skum och klicka ner i smeten. Grädda.

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2 Responses to “Waffle Day”

  1. Reply Susi says:

    Hi, just found your blog! Should I comment in English or Swedish??? 🙂 I missed waffle day this year, since I was in England, apparently they don't have the waffle day there, at least I didn't see any info about it.

  2. Reply Anna - Swaussie says:

    @Susi: Kul att du hittade hit. Det går bra att kommentera både på svenska och engelska. Vi anser oss vara tvåspråkiga..iaf jag 🙂

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