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26 Mar 2011


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Another word cloud from Tagxedo.

25 Mar 2011

Waffle Day

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It’s the 25th of March today and that according to the Swedish calender that means it’s Våffeldagen (the Waffle Day)! It’s also the Christian Feast of Annunciation (in Swedish: Marie Bebådelsedagen/Vårfrudagen). Most people don’t particular celebrate the feast of Annunciation but the day is considered to be the start of spring in Sweden so that’s worth celebrating. And what could possibly be a better way to celebrate it in than eating waffles?!

Swedish waffles are shaped as hearts and you can either eat them whole (5 small hearts connected) or tear them apart and eat them individually and of course you need to eat them with traditional toppings which are jam (in the north normally cloudberry jam, in Swedish: hjortronsylt), whipped cream or ice cream and maybe some fresh strawberries. Yummy!

Since we’re on the road we’ll see if there will be any waffles today otherwise I guess we just have to celebrate this very important day next week when we’re back home again. 🙂

Enjoy your waffles! Read more
25 Mar 2011

Kiruna here we come!

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We’ll we’re off to Kiruna early this morning and I’m not so sure how much time there will be for blog updates during the weekend but I’ll update you on twitter and facebook and I’ll promise you I’ll give one, once we get back. The wedding will take place tomorrow in the ice church in Jukkasjärvi and I’m excited to revisit the north and see the Icehotel again. I haven’t been up that far north since I presented my master thesis in February 2008. Too bad we won’t have time to revisit Luleå so I can show Simon where I lived for six years and studied. But Kiruna and Jukkasjärvi will be good too. Have a nice weekend!

24 Mar 2011

Australian Grand Prix

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The 2011 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix starts today. The race is part of the annual FIA Formula One World Championship and it’s held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit at Albert Park.

Don't mind the locations of Melbourne and Canberra on the map, it couldn't be more wrong. :P

Prior to its inclusion in the World Championship it was held annually from 1928 to 1984 at various venues in Australia. It became part of the Formula One World Championship in 1985 and was held at the Adelaide Street Circuit in Adelaide, South Australia from that year to 1995, before moving to Melbourne in 1996. Read more

24 Mar 2011

Love always wins

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23 Mar 2011

I love coffee

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And it will be my savior this morning! 🙂

23 Mar 2011

Don’t forget to follow us

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Don’t forget that you easily can stay connected and follow our updates both on Twitter Facebook, Bloglovin’ (ENG/SWE) and Instagram (search for Swaussie).

23 Mar 2011

Australia – the land down under

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22 Mar 2011


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I’m hoping my best buy from Ullared this weekend will be our new Alligator Chopper. The Alligator is actually a Swedish invention patented all over the world launched back in 2002 and now sold through distributors in more than 30 countries. I tried the large one last night cutting onion and realised that I should have bought the collector that wasn’t included too to collect the onion after it’s diced up. Besides that, it worked really well. We also got the small one, the Mini chopper, which is good for garlic, chilli peppers and other smaller vegetables.

22 Mar 2011

When will it air?

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All it says on the webpage is Coming soon….but when is soon? I want it now! 😉