12 Aug 2010

Simon’s itinerary

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It’s time for Simon to start his trip to Sweden, he’s leaving Australia today. A long trip though before he gets here but tomorrow just after 5pm there will be a very happy reunion at Landvetter Airport. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to focus on work or anything else for that matters from now on. 🙂

I made a little overview of Simon’s itinerary so family and friends can keep track on where he is. Brussels is the same time zone as Sweden therefore only Stockholm is in the list (there is only one time zone in Sweden). Fre is short for Friday, tor for Thursday and lör for Saturday in Swedish.

And the details look like this, all times are in local times of the destination.

Thursday August 12
10.15 pm Plane departs Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne (flight duration 14 hours 20 min)

Friday August 13
6.35 am Plane arrives Abu Dhabi International
9.10 am Plane departs Abu Dhabi International (flight duration 7 hours 10 min)

2.20 pm Plane arrives Brussels Airport
3.25 pm Plane departs Brussels Airport (flight duration 1 hour 45 min)

5.10 pm Plane arrives Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg

If I calculated correctly that will mean 23 hours and 15 minutes in the air and a total travel time of 26 hours and 55 minutes . It sure is a LONG trip!

Have a safe flight, babe!
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  1. Reply Marie P says:

    Nu Àr det bara 26 timmar kvar!!!!!!!!! =)

  2. Reply Anders says:

    Hahaha….att du orkar…

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