18 Aug 2010

Exciting life is here :)

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Terribly sorry for this long silence. It’s just been 100% non stop since Simon arrived on Friday and I honestly haven’t had time to write in the blog. We’re still getting used to the fact that we actually are living together now, it’s not just a holiday when Simon is visiting, it’s the real thing. Simon is starting to get over his jetlag, he’s been very alert at 4 am the last week which hasn’t been very appreciated by me since he thought I should be awake and talk to him then 😛

I made a little survival kit for Simon that he got as a combined move to Sweden and a 1 year anniversary gift, consisting of:

  • Keys to the apartment with a Dalahorse key chain
  • 1 small bottle Absolut Vodka
  • 1 bottle of Australian wine
  • 5 Swedish types of beers
  • Marabou Daim chocolate
  • Polkagris (peppermint rock cane)
  • Happy pills (Swedish lollies)
  • Prescription to Aussie Sport TV
  • Word cloud Australia in a picture frame
  • The documentary – Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed
  • A poem I’ve written

So what have we been up to so far, well we spent the weekend in Karlshamn celebrating my Nana’s 90th birthday and getting to know the latest addition to my brother’s family – Fernando Torres the cutest 11 week old kitten you can imagine. 🙂

My wonderful Nana

Fernando Torres

We went back home to Jönköping again on Monday and went directly to the Tax Agency and filled out the form that Simon needed to fill out in order to get his personal identification number (read more about that HERE). Not very difficult at all just one form to fill out. There was a bit of confusion though whether he was allowed to fill out the form in English or Swedish. The papers were sent to Malmö (by the Tax Agency) and we were told that Simon will have a reply in the mail within 2-3 weeks so then we can sort out all the rest of the practical stuff.

We then spent the rest of the day on Monday going around looking at kitchens and appliances trying to get an idea what to do for the kitchen reno we’re planning on doing in OUR 🙂 kitchen. I’m on holiday this week but had to attend a meeting in Gothenburg today so we went there last night and stayed at my brother’s. Another trip to IKEA and to several stores looking at more appliances and to Kvik to get second kitchen plan. We still haven’t decided fully what to do or where to buy the kitchen from but we’re getting closer. It’s a jungle out there!

On top of this I’m trying to sort out the things I need to do for Saturday’s big party. I’m having my 30th birthday party together with two of my good friends; Emelie and Maria. We don’t actually have our birthday’s until October but we’re celebrating them this weekend back in Karlshamn. Really looking forward to it and I hope it will be a blast but there is still a lot to prepare.

 So as you probably understand we’ve been busy, but I just wanted to let you all know that we’re still alive and happy and the updates will keep coming. Have a look at a couple of pics from the weekend while you wait for another update.

Anna’s Nanna’s 90th (2010-08-15)
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  1. Reply Lina says:

    I guess I have to write in English from now on :-). Always thought Fernando Torres was ugly, but no more!

    Welcome to Sweden, Simon!

  2. Reply Carolina says:

    Hi Anna and Simon!

    Great to hear that you are finally together, and I wish you all the best for your future life as "sambos" 🙂

    My boyfriend and I will probably move to Sweden ourselves before April (since he was granted his permanent residency/permanent uppehållstillstånd). We are very much looking forward to that! Maybe we can catch up one day so that both my boyfriend and Simon get to speak some "Australian" (since I have been told on numerous occasions that being able to speak aussie is completely different to speaking English with someone 😉

    Anyway, take care and hope you will have a great time living in Sweden together!

    Hugs from Carolina

  3. Reply Anders says:

    Det var en söt katt 😉

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