30 Jul 2010

2 more weeks today

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Simon had his last day at work today and now he’s out having drinks with friends and co-workers. He was both happy and sad about leaving (of course) but he’s looking forward to his holiday. I wouldn’t mind a holiday myself, it’s a bit slow at work since most people are still on their summer holiday.

It’s another rainy day in Jönköping, I’m so over it. What happend to summer? Hopefully the weather will improve over the weekend. Though I need to be inside anyway to organise the apartment, clean out my closets and prepare for Simon’s arrival since I’ll be in Stockholm next weekend.

I went to USA for a year (1999-2000) straight after high school  to work as an au pair, one of the best things I’ve ever done by the way. Why are you telling us this you might think…well it’s because one of the twins that I looked after during my year, Molly, will be in Sweden next week and she’s the reason why I’ll be heading to Stockholm next weekend. She was 4 then and now she’s 14 and I haven’t seen her since 2005 when I was over to visit the family in Boston.I was the first Swedish au pair the family had and after me they’ve had four more and we’ve organised so that all of us will be meeting up in Stockholm. Three of the other girls live in and around Stockholm so they’ll be taking care of Molly the rest of the week and the girl living in Östersund and I will come to Stockholm to meet up with the rest. I’m very excited about both meeting Molly and the other girls too of course (only met two of them before).

Becca, Molly, Jake and I back in 2000.

"My babies"

Jake, Becca & Molly back in 2005 when I saw them last, ready for Becca's Bat Mitzvah party with a cowboy theme ( you should have seen what I looked like...lol!)

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  1. Reply Mamma says:

    The little babies have grown up to teenagers. It must be fun to meet Molly again, and the other Swedish au pair girls. Enjoy yorself and have fun.

  2. Reply Alice says:

    Love your blog ! ^^

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