04 Jun 2010

Finally a sign

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I had a letter waiting on me from the Migration Board when I got back to Sweden yesterday. I would have been very upset if I didn’t so it was no surprise. A surprise though was that the letter was dated 31 of May, only three days ago, and that all the letter gave me absolutely no new information, it only said that Simon applied for a residence permit to come to live in Sweden with me and that I should go to the website and print out the form I need to fill out and send back within four weeks.

How the hell did that take them 4 weeks to sort that out? And why was I told when I called the Migration Board before I left that I couldn’t just print out the form from the website and send in but actually had to wait for the papers to be sent to me? Even though I already new the case number. This is truly doing my head in, why can’t they at least provide the same information!

Anyway so what I have to provide them with now, within four weeks from 31 of May, is the following:

  • The form T77 filled out.
  • Another civic registration certificate (“familjebevis“) for me. I did provide the Embassy in Australia with this but apparently they need another one that is no more than a month old. I called Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) and ordered one today.
  • Copy of my passport/ID (which I also provided to the Embassy in Australia but ok, I’ll do it again).

It’s also optional to add the following to further establish that Simon and I are in a real relationship:

  • Copies of passport with stamps proving that I’ve been in Australia to visit Simon.
  • Copies of tickets proving that I’ve been visiting Simon.
  • Copies of photos.

So I better get started. I won’t receive the civic registration certificate until Monday so I plan on having everything ready by then and send it in Monday arvo after work.

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