17 Jul 2015

How to speak Aussie

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Crash course in how to speak Aussie. Just abbreviate everything and you’ll be fine 😉

20 Dec 2012


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15 Dec 2012

10 good things to know about Sweden

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10 Oct 2012

Beautifully Swedish

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I find it funny but I’m not sure that the humour comes across the right way in Rekorderlig Cider’s new Australian video campaign – Swedish school.

Swedish Cider brand, Rekorderlig, has released its first ever viral video marketing campaign to encourage cider lovers to bring out their ‘inner Swedishness’. The campaign is a series of high quality, humorous films that introduce ‘Swedish School’ to Australia, spearheaded by a fictional character called ‘Olof’


The Swedish cider is very popular down here and very expensive. I can’t really justify buying it knowing it’s so much cheaper back home. But from time to time when I want a taste of home I will. 🙂

19 Sep 2012

Gangnam Melbourne Style

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14 May 2012

Absolut Greyhound

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Have a look at this really cool ad promoting the drink Absolut Greyhound from ABSOLUT, featuring new music from Swedish House Mafia.

04 Apr 2012

Prague highlights

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I know, it’s a lot about Prague right now but I just found this video clip on Youtube taking you through the tourism highlights in the city. It seems like a lovely old city. If we only could find us a nice hotel for a reasonable price. It’s way too much to choose from and the standard doesn’t seem to be as high as in other parts of Europe.


13 Mar 2012

Tim Tam Slam

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Something I’ve actually heard about but never tried is this special Aussie way of  eating Tim Tam’s. This ritual goes by many names; the Tim Tam Slam, the Tim Tam Bomb, the Tim Tam Suck and the Tim Tam Explosion but no matter what you call it, the steps are the same.

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09 Mar 2012

Fall at your feet

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Friday afternoon, possibly the best time of the week. Sitting on the train on my way up to Stockholm  listening to this song – Fall at your feet with Boy & Bear. I got a feeling it will be a good weekend!

31 Jul 2010

Australia loves a day off

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