28 Mar 2013

Holiday mood

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I’m starting to get into holiday mood and I like it. Anders and Linda arrived on Saturday and we had a nice weekend together visiting the International Flower & Garden show in Carlton, showing them the city and having barbecues on the balcony. I had to go back to work on the Monday and Tuesday but Simon had time off so he kept then busy with some shopping, a trip to Torquay and a visit to Williamstown.

Yesterday, my first holiday day, we flew over to Adelaide to visit Simon’s family. A rainy first day offered some more shopping and I bought myself a pair of Merrell shoes so now I’m prepared for all the walking!

Today we’ve spent the day getting up close and personal with some of Australia’s wildlife petting both koalas and kangaroos.




04 Jan 2012

Mt Lofty & Cleland Wildlife Park

2 Comments Adelaide, South Australia (SA)

Another great day down under is almost over. Not that hot today, “only” around 26 degrees so it was actually a perfect day for today’s adventures which offered a trip to Mt Lofty and a visit to Cleland Wildlife Park as well as my first bodyboarding attempt. I think I caught more seawater in my mouth than I caught waves during the last one though but at least I had fun trying.

View from the Mt Lofty summit, Adelaide CBD in the center.

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20 Jul 2011

A living proof nature has a sense of humour?

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In Australia you can find a really strange animal, the platypus. It lays egg like a bird (the only mammal that does that by the way) and looks like a mix between a duck, an otter and a beaver. They’re considered one of the oddest creatures found anywhere in the world – for a good reason.

They can be found only along the eastern coast of Australia all the way from North Queensland down to Tasmania. The platypus is also one of the few poisonous mammals there is, the male platypus has a poisonous spur in the back feet which ban be quite harmful to humans.