01 Jan 2013


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I discovered something new today, IKEA in Adelaide has pick & mix lollies (in Swedish lösgodis). IKEA in Melbourne doesn’t, how unfair is that?! I believe it has to do with the fact that the Australian IKEA stores are different franchise businesses. I discovered this when I tried to use a gift voucher I have from back home but couldn’t since it was purchased in Melbourne. Apparently Adelaide and Perth belong to one franchise and the rest of them to another. That explains why the map on the IKEA website looks like below. 🙂

All of a sudden it also makes sense why the chest of drawers that I went to IKEA to buy (because it was sold out back home) was on sale in Melbourne when we went there before Christmas and not in Adelaide. Luckily enough it ended up being included in the after-Christmas sale here in Adelaide though so I got the discount in the end anyway.


All these lollies and I didn’t even buy any….didn’t want to start of the new year being bad. I regret it now. (Though it was expensive $23/kg I think which is about 160 kr.)

15 Dec 2012

10 good things to know about Sweden

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11 Dec 2012

Special moment

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Last night felt like a special night, special enough to bring out the treasured Swedish chocolate at least! A taste of heaven! 🙂

04 Dec 2012


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Längtan efter typiskt svenska saker är kanske lite större just runt jul, iaf är det så för mig. Julen är min absoluta favorithögtid och det finns så många saker som jag förknippar med jul- och adventsfirande. Jag försöker göra så gott jag kan för att återskapa de traditioner jag kan men eftersom våra saker vi skickat inte hunnit anlända blir det lite provisoriskt i år.

För de som inte har snälla vänner och familj som skickar ner lite svensk mat och pynt tänkte jag ge lite tips på några onlinebutiker där du kan hitta sånt som är svårt att få tag i utomlands. Kanske ni vet ni om ytterligare någon, då får ni gärna tipsa oss. 🙂



02 Dec 2012

Happy Advent 1st!

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29 Nov 2012

Woop Woop!!

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We managed to swoop up tickets for Swedish House Mafia’s show in Melbourne. All due to pure luck though. I was online logged into Ticketmaster at on the dot at 12pm when the tickets were released but failed to get through. Out of luck Simon (who was trying on his phone as well) realised a second show had put up the day before the one we were trying to get tickets for and since I guess less people knew about it we managed to get our hands on some tickets. Can’t wait for January 31 st!!

07 Nov 2012

One of a kind x 2

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After a bit of searching we finally came across the unique Absolut bottles this weekend so now number 151 834 and 1 994 263 are sitting on our shelf ready to be drunk. Not sure what to do with them once they’re empty but time will tell. 🙂


20 Sep 2012

Absolut unique

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Absolut Vodka just released a brand new limited range of vodkas – Absolut Unique. 4 million unique bottles have been distributed around the globe and I really would like to get my hands on one of them. The unique designs incorporate 38 different colors and 51 pattern types and not two bottles are the same. The project required a complete re-engineering of the company’s production plant in Sweden. Splash guns were set up and color-generating machines programmed with complex coating, pattern and placement algorithms to ensure that no two bottles are alike. Pretty impressive, well done Absolut.

17 Sep 2012

Fun mail

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11 Sep 2012

Welcome home

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I’m soon about to go and pick up Simon from the airport and as a welcome home dinner I’ve prepared some homemade Swedish meatballs. For the first time ever they actually turned out semi-round as well, normally they look more like pattys than balls. 🙂


Thank you IKEA for the lingonsylt :)

I’ve really missed Simon this week so it will be nice to have him back home. It’s funny how we spent 1.5 years being apart initally Monday through Friday and then later “only” Monday through Thursday and that became “normal”. We haven’t spent more than one night apart since we moved here so now all of a sudden being apart for a long time feels weird.