17 Jul 2015

How to speak Aussie

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Crash course in how to speak Aussie. Just abbreviate everything and you’ll be fine 😉

26 Sep 2013

Showbag mania

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Every Australian is well familiar with what a showbag is. For me it was something new and unfamiliar, until the other day when Simon and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show that is. Speaking of unfamiliar just to clarify things, an Australian show is the same thing as a fair or a carnival. Yes, they do like to be different these Aussies. The Royal Melbourne Show for those of you who don’t now it is an agricultural show held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds every September. The show has been running since 1848 and it has around half a million visitors each year and offers a mix of animals, livestock, rides and food experiences.

But back to the showbags. A showbag is commercial plastic bag filled with treats and fun. There was a Showbag Pavillion at the Royal Show here in Melbourne filled with heaps and heaps of showbags (387 to be exact), something for every age, taste and budget. The showbags are basically sample bags and was originally given out for free to promote brand awareness. They are not free any more of course but you can find bags for as little as $2 and at the Show here in Melbourne about 65% of the bags cost under $20.

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03 Feb 2013

Get the priorities straight

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At a petrol station close to our home they have entertainment TVs on the pumps, just in case you would get bored while you fill up your tank. They don’t have card payments on the pumps though so you have to go into the petrol station to pay, which is actually the case at most petrol stations. I think the Aussies need to get their priorities straight. I rather have card payment on the pump than a TV to entertain me the 4 minutes it takes for me to fill my tank. Sometimes Australia and their technology just seem light years away from Sweden….light years behind that is. 🙂



20 Dec 2012

The land of CAPITAL letters

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I have to share something with you about Australia that’s driving me nuts. I’ll be fair though, it might not be an Australian thing it might just be something that goes on only at my work, I don’t know. At my work at least, there is an overuse of typing emails in CAPITALS ONLY. I would think that it’s an internationally known fact that writing in all caps is considered as if you’re shouting, which in most cases isn’t necessary. I’m all for using capital letters to emphasise a word but I hate when I receive a whole email written in caps. So unless you intend on offending the person your writing to please feel free to stop that. Anyone else in Australia picked up on this or is it just me?


13 Dec 2012

Christmas feeling, or lack of it

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I’ve been a bit crumpy lately and I think one of the reasons is my total lack of Christmas feeling. I love Christmas, it’s my absolutely favourite! But the sun and summer in Melbourne doesn’t really do it for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the heat and the weather but it has nothing to do with Christmas. I think if I had my stuf and could put up my Christmas decorations it might be slightly different but this year the Christmas tree and my advent candle holder have to do. At least today on Lucia I’m trying my best to force my Christmas feeling to come out from its hiding place. I have my glögg from IKEA heated up, the Christmas tree is lit and I’m watching the traditional Lucia broadcast from Swedish TV. Thanks SVTplay!


Det funkar sÄdÀr att pÄtvinga julkÀnslan. Jag saknar fortfarande julmust, julskinka med senap, vörtbröd, pepparkakor och lussekatter tex. Blir det fler jular i Australien fÄr jag nog se till att vara lite mer organiserad. :)


04 Oct 2012

Only in Australia

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Only in Australia do you find solar powered Christmas lights. That’s just so weird!! Simon didn’t find it one bit strange but I was amazed. Christmas and sun just don’t go hand in hand in my world. Christmas and snow on the other hand, that’s a different story. 😉

The fact that the Christmas stuff is available in the stores this early is another story on “what’s wrong with the world” and not just an Australian issue.


25 May 2011

Work your way around Australia

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If you plan on going to Australia and work this National Harvest Guide might be helpful. In the guide you’ll find information on harvest work opportunities, working conditions, how to get there and where to stay. The guide is updated monthly and is available free for download – HERE (pdf).

15 Apr 2011


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Another random post from Annas mind. 🙂 I somehow came to think of Akubras today.  Akubra is the Aboriginal word for head covering and it’s a hat. And not just any hat, it’s the famous typically Australian hat as you’ve probably seen being worn by Prime Ministers, Presidents, movie and sports stars, royalty and people all over the world. This felt hat is a true Australian icon.

Cattleman - Australia's favourite Akubra, a style in the tradition of the Australian stock-man.

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12 Apr 2011

Dingo fence

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The Dog Fence at Sturt National Park, NSW

You’ll find the longest fence in the world in Australia, the dingo fence. With it’s over 5300 km it’s one of the world’s longest man-made structures. It was built back in the 1880s originally as a rabbit proof fence but it was more successful at keeping out pigs, kangaroos, emus and brumbies. In 1914 it was converted into a dog-proof fence used to keep the continent’s wild dog at bay and protect the sheep being grown for wool and meat production.

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08 Apr 2011

Coopers Sparkling Ale

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Just picked up a slab of Coopers Sparkling Ale (no 89047), Australian beer  that we ordered from Systembolaget. It’s not in the standard range but has to be ordered and you have to order at least a whole slab (24 bottles). Quick delivery though, it only took 4 days. It was a bit more expensive than normal beer, 24.5 kr/bottle which is about $3.9, but sometimes you just need to have a little piece of home.

The Sparkling Ale is an English style golden ale. It has a distinctive cloudy appearance due to the sediment being left in the bottle. Therefore you should gently rock the bottle from side to side before you drink it to stir the natural sediments. The Sparkling Ale has a slightly different flavour and higher alcoholic content than the Pale Ale.

Now I’ve put a couple of cold ones in the fridge for Simon when he gets home from Malmö. A good Friday surprise (he doesn’t know I’ve picked them up yet) and another good-girlfriend-point for me don’t you think? Especially since I had to carry the slab up the stairs (to the fourth floor) since someone is moving and occupying the elevator. 😉