24 Nov 2011

Third time’s a charm

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 Simon passed his written drivers test today. It was really the second time he wrote it since the first time, when they made him write the test in Swedish, doesn’t count. But there is no good saying like “Third time’s the charm” about the second time, at least not that I know of.  🙂

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15 Nov 2011

Still no test

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As I wrote last week Trafikverket experienced technical problems after the system upgrade and last Thursday when Simon went to write the test he found out it was cancelled. Well, it’s Tuesday now and the problems are still not solved so no one can take the written drivers test right now. Apparently it’s said to be up and running tomorrow but I believe that when I see it. It will be interesting to see how they’ll handle getting new test times for all the people affected by the cancelled tests. To be continued…

01 Nov 2011

With flying colours

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 Simon passed the driving exam with flying colours. I know he’s an excellent driver, I’m just happy the examiner saw that too. He’s also booked in for a new written exam IN ENGLISH, tomorrow.

08 Jul 2011

Swedish driving license

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As an Australian you’re allowed to drive on your Aussie license for a year. After that you have to get a Swedish one. As I understand it’s pretty easy for us Swedes to swap our Swedish one for an Aussie one in Australia but that’s not the case in Sweden. Since Simon’s one year limit is coming up I’m trying to find out what Simon needs to do.  I mean I can’t believe that he has to take a lot of driving lessons, after all he knows how to drive. But he has to take the written theory test and to the other mandatory parts. Anyone with experience about this who knows how to go about it?

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