05 Nov 2010

ID-card ready

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Simon had a letter in the mail yesterday from the Tax Agency (Skatteverket) letting him know that his identification card (ID card) is ready and can be picked up at the office were he applied for it, five working days from the date stated in the letter (which was Monday November 1st). And guess what, the letter was in both Swedish and English…I wonder if it’s because of my angry letter I sent them or if it’s just a coincidence. =)

Since he applied for the card October 2nd this means that the whole process of getting the card took about a month.

26 Oct 2010

Disregard previous letter

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The Tax Agency are very professional, yesterday Simon got a second letter saying (in Swedish of course) that he should disregard the letter he received on Friday (HERE). Though we’ve already posted the signed paper they asked for with an angry letter from me letting them know how I felt about their incompetence. =P

The new letter refereed to the new rule, valid from October 1st this year, (Simon’s identity can be confirmed by comparing information from the Migration Board) and stated that they assumed he allowed them to compare the information from the application with the register. All of a sudden no need to sign anything any more. It also said that if he didn’t want them to do that, he should contact the Tax Agency via letter or phone and let them know that. Good work! I’m impressed, really I am….NOT!

22 Oct 2010

Another screw up

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It just never ends. Simon had a letter today from the Tax Agency. Another letter from an authority in Swedish!! This time the letter was letting him know that he on October 2nd had applied for an identification card (ID card) and that he then had identified himself with an Australian passport (so clearly they could have figured out he wasn’t Swedish and therefore probably don’t understand SWEDISH). It also said that the passport isn’t a valid form of identification (we knew that even though the fact that it isn’t, is weird) and that his identity had to be witnessed by either someone with a valid form of identification (for example me) or that from October 1st the identity can also be proved by comparing the application with information that the Migration Board has in their records (but for this Simon has to sign a paper authorising them to check the records and send that paper back to the Tax Agency). Read more

02 Oct 2010

Finally sorted

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I rushed from work yesterday to be able to make it to the Tax Agency office so Simon could order his identification card (ID card). They close early every day, already at 4pm. We came running in the door at 3.55pm and the guy helping us just laughed at us. But it didn’t take more than 10 min to get the application ready and the photo for the ID card taken. We were told that Simon will get a letter in the mail in about 4 weeks. Apparently all ID cards are issued in Stockholm and it’s only 16 people working with this for the whole of Sweden so it takes a while. Once he gets the letter he has to wait another couple of workdays before he can go to the Tax Agency office to pick it up. Read more

29 Sep 2010

Annoyed (again)

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Since we found out that Simon already had his personal identification number issued 4 weeks ago (read about it HERE), I thought we could go to the bank and get a bank account sorted. How wrong was I!? I thought that since the number was issued and registered the bank would be able to find or validate the number in their systems which of course wasn’t the case. Read more

08 Sep 2010

Still waiting

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Gave the Tax Agency a call today to hear what’s going on with Simon’s application of a personal identification number that we applied for, over 3 weeks ago (August 16th). Once we visited the Tax Agency and filled out the form we were told it would take 2-3 weeks before Simon would have a letter in the mail. We still haven’t heard anything. Read more