26 Jul 2015

3 years and counting

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I can’t really believe it but today marks 3 years since I walked through customs at the airport in Melbourne to join Simon on our new adventure, a life together in Australia. I remember the day I left Sweden as if it was yesterday. The sadness of leaving friends and family mixed with the excitement of the unknown what was to come. It’s not always easy being an expat living far away from what used to be home (and in a way always will be). Sweden has a very special place in my heart and there are definitely things I miss about living there but most of all it’s the people I miss, my friends and family. That said though, Simon and I have built a very nice life for ourselves here in Australia and we are surrounded by lovely friends and family. You can’t have the cake and eat it too unfortunately so we’re happy with what we got, try to make the best out of the situation we’re in and look forward to what the future will bring us. 🙂

03 Aug 2013

I’ll be home for Christmas!

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Exciting news folks; I’ve booked a ticket back to Sweden over Christmas! Almost 3 weeks to catch up with friends and family, I’m excited! Unfortunately we can’t really afford for both Simon and I to go, so this time I’ll be travelling on my own. I wish I could have gone during the Swedish summer rather than winter (especially since it seems to be awesome this year) but since I’m a big Christmas fan I don’t really mind. I’ve spent the last two Christmas’ in Australia so it’s time for a cold one again, there will be plenty of summer and sunshine for me here when I get back home again. My work close down for a couple of weeks over Christmas and it’s a quiet time of the year so it’s a good time to go for that reason too. I’m managed to find flights with Singapore Airlines with great flight times (22-23 hours each way) with only one stop so I’m pretty happy.


Things I look forward to with my trip;

  1. Catching up with family
  2. Spending time with my Nana
  3. Seeing my friends
  4. Cuddle with Pollux & Nova ♥
  5. Christmas food
  6. Eating fil 
  7. Snow (hopefully there is some)
  8. All the Christmas decorations and lights
  9. Going to a Christmas market
  10. Having a real Christmas tree (yes mum, this year you HAVE to have one and it has to be inside too so we can smell it).
19 Mar 2013

Mr. Wolf

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I came a cross something exciting today, a new magazine with focus on just Sweden written by Swedish based Australian writer/editor Laura Philips – Mr. Wolf. I was invited to the launch that’s held next week but unfortunately I’m unable to go since we’ll be in Adelaide at the time. The magazine is will come out quarterly and it will be profiling the leading personalities in contemporary Swedish Culture (from musicians, artists, bicycle makers, denim producers and jewellery designers). I’m looking forward to reading the first edition if I can get my hands on a copy.


08 Jan 2013

Lucky girl

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Am I a lucky girl or what?!! Over Christmas I got not one, but two parcels sent from Sweden. One was from my adorable godchild Ella and contained two Santa figures, a drawing and a block of yummy Marabou chocolate.

The second one was a belated birthday/Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law (I love that I can call her that now). It contained a pair of very pink Urbanista headphones, earrings, a ring, knobs for our chest of drawers and lollies.


Many thanks for both of them, you made my day!!

27 Oct 2012

Tap water

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One thing I really, really miss about Sweden is good tasting tap water. I don’t think you really appreciate it until you don’t have it anymore. I love Swedish tap water but here it tastes like chlorine. I know it’s perfectly safe to drink it but I just can’t come to terms with the taste. It tastes slightly better when it has been refrigerated but still nowhere close to tasty Swedish water. What do you think about the Australian tap water?

22 Oct 2012

Casual Friday

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A lot of workplaces in Australia has a more strict dress code than workplaces in Sweden. Some of them do allow a more casual dress code on Fridays, commonly known as Casual Fridays. We used to have Casual Fridays at my work but as of last week a new dress standard policy is in place and they’ve been removed.

I believe Sweden in general has a more casual approach to workplace dress codes (at least thats my experience). Wearing jeans to work in Sweden was not an issue at all. Jeans used to be a big no no unless on casual Friday’s at my work but with the new dresscode “smart denim” is now permitted but only provided it’s worn with dress shoes and a top or shirt “appropriate for a professional environment”. In reality the stricter dress code means you almost need two sets of clothes in your wardrobe.

The shoes are another thing that’s different. Here in Australia almost all girls in my office wear heels to work something I’m not really used to.

17 Aug 2012


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Things you don’t see in Sweden but everywhere in Australia.


31 May 2012

Swedish Midsummer for Dummies

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Only a couple of weeks to go until Midsummer so time to prepare yourself and if you don’t know what you need to do here is a little guide – Swedish Midsummer for Dummies.

17 May 2012

Shipping from Sweden to Australia

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We’ve started to organise our move trying to figure out what stuff to keep and what to sell. With the things I want to keep there are of course some things that I would like to bring with me to give our home in Australia a little Swedish touch and there are things that have a sentimental value to me too that I would like to bring if I can.

So we’ve started to look into different shipping options since we have no idea on how much it would cost, whether sea or air freight would be the best option or what company to use. We’ve received some advice but mostly from people that have done it the other way around from Australia to Sweden. Maybe one of you readers have some good advice from own experiences, anything you can share with us on the subject would be highly appreciated.

07 Feb 2012

Sausage rolls, pies and pasties

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A couple of things that Simon miss here in Sweden are sausage rolls, meat pies and pasties. I’ve made an attempt to make my own sausage rolls and they turned out alright but I’ve yet not tried making meat pies. On the Swaussie Couples Facebook page (yes, there is such a thing and it’s great). I’ve now received a tip that a place in Stockholm called Taylors & Jones sell really good sausage rolls, pies and pasties. We’ll definitely have to pay them a visit when we’re up in Stockholm in March to try them out.