14 Aug 2015

6 years today

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14 Aug 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

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Simon and I celebrate 4 very eventful years together today. As every couple we’ve certainly have had our ups and downs but I’ve enjoyed our adventures and I’m very blessed and happy to have Simon in my life. During the 4 years we’ve had a long distance relationship with endless Skype sessions,  we’ve travelled together and we’ve lived in both  Sweden and in Australia. We’re ready to take on new adventures and embark on a new journey, as house owners. Exciting times ahead! Lap five of the roller coaster ride starts today so it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride! 🙂



14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today Simon and I celebrate 3.5 years together. We’ve been through a lot during that time and both the happy and sad times has made us grow stronger. I believe you should show your appreciation and love not only on one day of the year but I still like Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect opportunity to be a little extra romantic and express your love to your partner even though it’s a bit of a Hallmark holiday. 😉


14 Aug 2012

Happy anniversary

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Who knew that what started three years ago would turn out to be something so great. 🙂


30 Aug 2011

Australian Swedish couples

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Talitha has created a Google Group dedicated to Australian Swedish couples around the world. If you’re interested in joining send an email to swaussie-couples(at)googlegroups.com to get an invite. The only critera is that you have to be part of an Australian-Swedish couple. This can be a great way to meet, network, share stories and give/get advice to people in the same situation.

This is for all the Swaussie couples out there who would like to meet, network and have the support of other Swaussie couples. Whether you live in Sweden or Australia (or somewhere else entirely), you may be doing long-distance or married with kids- all Swedish Australian couples are welcome to join.

14 Aug 2011

2 years

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Happy 2 year anniversary, Simon!

We’ve been through a lot during these two years both ups and downs and sometimes I just have to stop and reflect on what’s going on. If someone would have asked me 2.5 years ago about how I saw my future, this would not have been it. Never in a million years would my answer have been I think I’ll meet the love of my life during the next 6 months and I definitely wouldn’t have said that he would be an Aussie. But I did fall in love with Simon and everything has changed after that. I can’t at this stage say exactly what our future has in store for us and even if that sometimes frustrates me it’s also exciting. Lap three of the roller coaster ride starts today.