10 Jul 2012

Simon made it

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Simon made it both to Ireland and back even with his expired Swedish residence permit. We did end up having a tiny drama leaving Sweden when it was discovered Simon had overstayed his visa here. At least on paper, once the application for an extension is in the permit is extended until a decision is made but since our application hasn’t been processed yet it doesn’t show up in the systems.

In the end the police at the passport check let Simon travel when we explained that we’ve handed in an application for an extension and that we’ve been told that travelling was ok once the application was in (which was what Simon was to when he called up the Migration Board). We had the document from the Migration Board (confirming that the application was registered and the date for that) with us which I think helped.

In the UK, where we transferred flights, and Dublin there was no drama. Entering Sweden again (which we thought might be an issue) went smoothly too. So in the end we were nervous for nothing. 🙂

03 May 2012

Extend residence permit

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Simon’s temporary two year residence permit in Sweden is about to run out soon and I’ve therefore started looking into what we need to do to extend it. You don’t get a reminder from the Migration Board when your permit is about to run out, you have to keep track of it yourself and apply for an extension of your permit before your current permit expires.

The application for the extension will not be processed until your current permit expires. But if you’ve submitted your application for an extension before then, you’re allowed to stay in Sweden until the Migration Board has reached a decision. Your also allowed to keep working while the application is being processed.

Even though the Migration Board normally will grant you a permanent residence permit if you’ve lived together with your partner for two years or longer, you and your partner will still be called to an interview. What a pain!

An application can either be handed in personally to a Migration Board office or be sent in per snail mail. This is what you need for your application:

Seems to be some work ahead of us for this so I think we better get started….

24 Jun 2010

We got it!

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Simon called me this afternoon saying he got his passport back from the Embassy and he thought the residence permit was in it but he didn’t really know since it was all in Swedish. He sent me a MMS of the passport and there it was – the residence permit and work permit granted for two years! Totally unexpected this week and the best news we could ever get, we are so happy!! Read more

22 Jun 2010

Two more weeks?

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One positive thing happened today, I finally got through to someone at the Migration Board. I called what I thought was our case officer yesterday during her short phone hour between 8.30-9.30 am without any luck. Either the line was busy or I got a message that she was unavailable (maybe she went for a fika). When I got sick and tired of trying I left a message asking her to call me back which she didn’t do of course. Read more

15 Jun 2010

Things are not going our way

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I’ve been trying to get more information about what happens to our application now. I’ve called the Migration Board trying to get to speak to someone who knows, without any luck. Simon e-mailed our contact person at the Embassy in Canberra yesterday and at least got the name of the case officer assigned to our case. He didn’t get a direct phone number though so I called the main number today in an attempt to reach her. As it turns out she’s on holiday this week and returns on Monday. Just our luck, hey! At least I have her direct number now.

I guess it’s not a good time being in this stage of the application right now since summer holidays are coming up in Sweden. Hopefully our case officer will hand us a decision before she goes on holiday. We’re running out of time for Simon to be able to come over in mid-August since we need to book his flight (at a reasonable price), he needs to resign with at least a month’s notice, empty and rent out his house and sort out all the other practical stuff and he can’t really begin to do any of this before a decision has been made.

Also Simon found a perfect job today in Göteborg, doing what he’s doing in Melbourne. I called the contact person and asked him if it was worth for S applying based on the fact that he has over 6 years of experience within the field but don’t know Swedish. The company is an international company but the person I called told me that within this position all the communication they have with the customers as well as the information is in Swedish which would be hard for S. I got his email address and encouraged S to send him a letter and his CV and maybe something different will come up but this really got him down (understandably) and I don’t seem to find the right words to cheer him up and make him think positive.

I wish I was there to help him out. Being supportive from Sweden is hard and we both could use some positive news soon…we’re running out of energy and it’s hard to keep the spirits up and stay positive. If he’s not here by mid-August he’ll miss my 30th birthday party and he’ll also miss out on Swedish summer which would truly suck! I don’t think I need to tell you that focusing on work is difficult too right now.

On a more positive note (it’s always good not to end the post as grumpy bum) I have to tell you that I found another couple where the girl is from Sweden (actually grew up close to were I grew up) and the guy from Melbourne. They now live in Stockholm, Sweden, and if you want to read more about their adventure you should visit their blog – Swedstralia.

09 Jun 2010

Certificate arrived

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The civic registration certificate (“familjebevis“) finally arrived in the mail today. I had everything else ready Sunday night and since then I’ve just been waiting for the certificate. I called Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) and ordered it Friday morning last week so I don’t really understand what took so long…6 days. But that seems to be the story of this whole process…a reoccurring What took them so long?

Anyway, now I can finally send in my part of the application to the Migration Board office here in Jönköping (I’ll do it tomorrow). I’m hoping that all will be processed quickly so we can get a decision, whether the application is granted or rejected…at this point any decision would be helpful. I truly with every inch of my body hope it will be granted so that we then can book Simon’s flight and start looking forward to him getting here. I miss him so much, even more now after being down to Melbourne…it gets harder and harder.

The Migration Board has a goal; to deliver a decision within 6 months from the date the application was first handed in to the Embassy. I our case this happened 2010-02-23, meaning the process has been going on for about 3.5 months. I’m hoping for a decision within 4 weeks though. *Fingers crossed*

04 Jun 2010

Finally a sign

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I had a letter waiting on me from the Migration Board when I got back to Sweden yesterday. I would have been very upset if I didn’t so it was no surprise. A surprise though was that the letter was dated 31 of May, only three days ago, and that all the letter gave me absolutely no new information, it only said that Simon applied for a residence permit to come to live in Sweden with me and that I should go to the website and print out the form I need to fill out and send back within four weeks.

How the hell did that take them 4 weeks to sort that out? And why was I told when I called the Migration Board before I left that I couldn’t just print out the form from the website and send in but actually had to wait for the papers to be sent to me? Even though I already new the case number. This is truly doing my head in, why can’t they at least provide the same information!

Anyway so what I have to provide them with now, within four weeks from 31 of May, is the following:

  • The form T77 filled out.
  • Another civic registration certificate (“familjebevis“) for me. I did provide the Embassy in Australia with this but apparently they need another one that is no more than a month old. I called Skatteverket (the Swedish Tax Agency) and ordered one today.
  • Copy of my passport/ID (which I also provided to the Embassy in Australia but ok, I’ll do it again).

It’s also optional to add the following to further establish that Simon and I are in a real relationship:

  • Copies of passport with stamps proving that I’ve been in Australia to visit Simon.
  • Copies of tickets proving that I’ve been visiting Simon.
  • Copies of photos.

So I better get started. I won’t receive the civic registration certificate until Monday so I plan on having everything ready by then and send it in Monday arvo after work.

05 May 2010

Another setback

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It never ends. I called the Migration Board today asking about Simon’s application. I called them as soon as the customer service opened at 8.30 am this morning. Luckily it took me about two minutes before I got through, though the news they had for me was not good at all. The application was registered in the system on the 30th of April but the woman I spoke to told me that they it would take 1-2 months(!) before I get the papers sent to me that I need to fill out since they are so busy at the moment. I tried to convince her that I needed the process to go faster than that and asked her if there was anything I could do to speed it up. But no…I just have to wait. Read more

29 Apr 2010

Extremely upset

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Nothing is ever running smoothly or being easy. I should have learned that by now. Since it’s been over two weeks since Simon’s interview (April 9th) I called the Swedish Migration Board on Monday to see if they had registered the application papers from Australia yet. After spending over 30 min in a phone queue I only found out that they hadn’t and I couldn’t get the paper work I need to fill out sent to me before they receive the case from Australia. I was asked to call back next week.

I then asked Simon to give the Embassy a call and see if they could give him a case number and some more information. He gave them a call on Tuesday and got the case number and the same information I got, the application has not been registered in Sweden yet. Read more

09 Apr 2010

Interview went well

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I slept like crap last night, I have no idea why. Kept waking up and had trouble going back to sleep again. Maybe it was because I was nervous about Simon’s interview which he had at noon (or 4 am Swedish time). Anyway, I spoke to him this morning before work and the interview had gone well. I don’t know all the details, we couldn’t speak for long since he called me from his mobile. But as I suspected they asked questions about how and when we met, about our relationship, about my parents’ names, where I went to high school, what I work with, our plans for the future, about Simon’s work and education and so on.

He was also told that the application would be sent to Sweden now, to the Migration Board and an administrator should have the application on his/her desk within two weeks. When I’ll hear from them all depends on how busy they are at the moment. Hopefully I’ll hear from them before I leave for Melbourne.

Ideal would of course be if the process would be finished and they would have made a decision before I go but I’m not sure if hoping for that is being a bit too optimistic. But if that was the case we would be able to make plans about what we should do while I’m down there.