15 Jun 2012

Wonderful Prague

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Can’t do that much being home with a very sore lower back. The boxes we brought up from the basement last weekend are just laughing derisively at me every time I  look at them. I need to go through them all and sort out what I’m keeping and what I’m not but my back is just killing me so I haven’t been able to do half of what I planned to do this week. I felt a bit better the other day but then yesterday it got worse again and I could barely get out of bed this morning so no work for me today. Anyway, this gave me time to add some photos from our Prague trip and you find them under Photos/Europe/Prague up the top or just by clicking on the photo below.



29 May 2012

Back to reality

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After an amazing weekend in Prague it’s back to reality again. I’ll give you an update about the weekend and upload photos when I can find the time. Until then I’ll just share this beautiful view over Prague from the Prague Castle in Malá Strana.

04 Apr 2012

Prague highlights

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I know, it’s a lot about Prague right now but I just found this video clip on Youtube taking you through the tourism highlights in the city. It seems like a lovely old city. If we only could find us a nice hotel for a reasonable price. It’s way too much to choose from and the standard doesn’t seem to be as high as in other parts of Europe.


27 Mar 2012

Beer festival

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As it turns out there is a beer festival going on right when we’re in Prague, the Český pivní festival. We had no idea about this when we booked our trip so we just got lucky. 🙂

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26 Mar 2012

Prague districts – Prague 1

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I’ve started researching Prague a little bit for our trip and I thought I just share what I find with you in case you want to pay the city a visit at some stage. Prague is the capitol city of Czech Republic and just over 1.2 million people live there.

The city is divided into 10 districts; the historical centre is where most of the beautiful architecture, museums, restaurants are located. The outer districts are the new ones, where recent businesses, hotels and banks have been built.

Prague Map courtesy of www.praguenet.com

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21 Mar 2012

Weekend trip – Prague

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The second weekend trip we have booked for this spring is to Prague in the end of May. I’ve been wanting to go there for ages and after talking about possibly going there this year with my brother and his fiancée we decided to make it reality and booked our flight last week. I’m excited about visiting the capitol of Czech Republic but I need to start investigating what to see and do while we’re there. So far pretty much what’s on my list is to drink Czech beer, which of course is very important but I think we need a bit more on our list. Maybe you can help.

Have you been there and have recommendations on what to see and do?