29 Mar 2013

Happy birthday Pollux

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It’s Pollux’s 8th birthday today. I really miss him and wish he was here even though I know he’s fine at my dad’s.


08 Nov 2012

I miss my bestie

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I wish he was here. I think about him every day and I miss him heaps my beautiful little PoPo.

01 Jul 2012

I miss them already

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Mum took my little cuties with her when she left today and I miss them already.


10 Jun 2012

My buddy!

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I’m trying to enjoy my time with Pollux the best I can and I’m trying not to think too much about the fact that he’ll soon be living with my dad. I know he’ll be fine but I’ll sure miss him. I know a lot of you might think “Get over it, he’s just a dog” but he’s not he’s a friend and a family member.

09 Jun 2012

Euro 2012

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Pollux is ready for the UEFA European Football Championship. :)


30 May 2012

Tough decision

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We made a tough decision the other week, Pollux is not coming to Australia with us. 🙁 After having had a serious discussion about it, weighing pros and cons for him coming, we decided it’s best for him to stay in Sweden. He’s my best friend, my little soul mate that has been there for me through happiness and sadness the last 7 years and it will be very tough leaving him. But he’s almost 8 years old by the time he can leave and it doesn’t seem fair to put him through the long flight and a month of quarantine when I know he’ll be well looked after back here and will be happy. Especially since we would have to leave him alone all day when we’re at work too (no doggy kindy in Australia) and he gets company all day back here and lots of walks. 🙂

29 Mar 2012

Happy Birthday Pollux!

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He’s grown a lot since the photo above was taken 7 years ago after I just brought him home from the kennel but he’s still both very cute and cuddly. He’s also a very faithful friend that has stood by my side through good and bad over the years and will continue to do so, hopefully for many more years to come. So a big happy birthday to PoPo, I’ll treat you with goodies when I get back home from Denmark tonight.

02 Mar 2012


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En helt vanlig dag på dagis. Pollux på promenad igår med sina polare på väg till rastgården. Valpen Maud får åka snålskjuts innanför tröjan på fröken (om ni undrar varför den är så bullig).  🙂 Read more

28 Feb 2012

At the vet

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I just dropped off Pollux at the vet to get his teeth cleaned. He has quite a bit of calculus (in Swedish tandsten). Read more

02 Feb 2012


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This Doggy Kindy thing looks like it’s kind of fun.