02 Mar 2013


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A friend of my brother’s is visiting this week and since it was a lovely day today we decided to do some sightseeing. A trip to Brighton, lunch in St Kilda with a walk along the beach and an ice cream in Williamstown sums up a good day. Now where heading home for a barbecue on the balcony. Life could be worse.




07 Feb 2013

God morgon!

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I just can’t get enough of my view from the balcony. It’s AMAZING! Every morning is a treat when I wake up and have breakfast to this!

03 Feb 2013

Under construction

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Lucky the weather is crap this weekend since I have to spend the entire weekend in front of my laptop working on the SWEA website. The deadline is at the launch on February 17th so I better speed up.


17 Dec 2012

I love my city

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Even though my thoughts have been with my family back in Sweden a lot lately I must admit that I do love being here . Melbourne  is a beautiful city to call home!


Waking up to this view every morning is not bad at all.

29 Nov 2012

Night market

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It’s summer time in Melbourne and that means the Night Markets are on every Wednesday night at Queen Victoria Markets between 5 pm and 10 pm. I’ve never been before so last night was a premiere for me. We met up with Lina and Ben, had a sangria, a nice burger and walked around the many stalls. Heaps of people around, beautiful food cooked everywhere, live bands playing, wine tastings and lots more. We’ll definitely make sure we’ll come down another Wednesday night for some more summer action.

29 Nov 2012

Hot hot hot!

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Looks like it will be a hot day in Melbourne today, summer is around the corner.

07 Nov 2012

Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar

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If you happen to be in Melbourne on December 1st or 2nd you  might want to pay the Swedish Church in Toorak a visit since the popular annual Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar is held that weekend. I’ve never been there myself before since I’ve not been around that time of year. This time I will go though since SWEA has a table at the bazaar as well. Just too bad that we’re going to Stereosonic on the Saturday, might feel a bit tired on the Sunday. 🙂  

25 Oct 2012


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23 Aug 2012

Four seasons in one day

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Melbourne is commonly known as being a city of four seasons in a day and it’s so true.  The weather here is pretty unpredictable, one minute it can be cloudy and rainy and the next the sun will be out. Today for example started out as a beautiful day with blue skies and sunny weather but during the course of the day it turned into a cloudy, dark and rainy day. The city still looks pretty good though with the dramatic dark skies in the photo above that I took when I came home from work tonight.

The air here is very crisp though and not humid like many other cities. The unpredictable weather Melbourne is created by its unique location, wedged between southerly Arctic influences and the northerly dry and hot desert winds. Melbourne is on roughly the same latitude as Athens and compared to European cities the climate in  Melbourne is mild, especially during winter.

What I do like about Melbourne  is that even though the climate is mild it still has four distinctive seasons, just like Sweden. Clear skies and fresh green leaves during spring,  dry and hot summers,  colourful leaves in autumn and even though Melbourne winter doesn’t’ offer any snow (unless you go to the mountains) it has cool crisp and sometimes grey and rainy days.


20 Aug 2012

Crayfish party

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We went to a great Swedish crayfish party yesterday organized by a couple of Swedes living in Melbourne. Good to meet some fellow Swedes, talk some Swedish and eat some nice Swedish food. Besides lots of yabbies there was Janson’s temptation, pickled herring, Kalles Kaviar, meatballs with gravy and lingonberry jam and crisp bread. Plus some Swedish schnapps of course. 🙂

We had Simon’s sister and her boyfriend with us so no I’ve introduced Simon’s whole family to this Swedish tradition.


Mmmm, Swedish food!