14 Aug 2015

6 years today

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11 Sep 2014

Rest in peace

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Don’t think of her as gone away,
her journey’s just begun,
Life holds so many facets,
this earth is only one.

Just think of her as resting,
from the sorrows and the tears,
In a place of warmth and comfort,
where there are no days or years.

Think how she must be wishing,
that we could know today,
How nothing but our sadness,
can really pass away.

And think of her as living,
in the hearts of those she touched,
For nothing loved is ever lost,
and she was loved so much.

Vila i frid älskade mormor. ♥

27 Jul 2014

I said yes!

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I know this is going to sound like really old news and it is but since the blog has been sleeping since last year there is quite a bit to update you on. I thought I would start with one of the happiest news I have to share with you – Simon and I are engaged!

Simon popped the question to me on December 7th last year. Out of the blue, in the garden of our new home, IN SWEDISH  (lots of brownie points there) with a stunning Scandinavian designed ring he chose himself without as much as a subtle hint from me. I cried, smiled and said YES (of course)!



We had tickets to go to A Day on the Green at the Rochford Wines in Yarra Valley that they so we celebrated with some nice wine in the company of Alicia Keys and John Legend. A truly amazing and memorable day! The wedding date is set and we’re getting married in March next year, in Adelaide. I can’t wait!

14 Aug 2013

Happy Anniversary to us!

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Simon and I celebrate 4 very eventful years together today. As every couple we’ve certainly have had our ups and downs but I’ve enjoyed our adventures and I’m very blessed and happy to have Simon in my life. During the 4 years we’ve had a long distance relationship with endless Skype sessions,  we’ve travelled together and we’ve lived in both  Sweden and in Australia. We’re ready to take on new adventures and embark on a new journey, as house owners. Exciting times ahead! Lap five of the roller coaster ride starts today so it’s time to buckle up and enjoy the ride! 🙂



15 Feb 2013

Söta mamma!

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flowerIt’s possible that I have the sweetest mum in the world. She organised these beautiful flowers for Simon and I on Valentine’s Day. She stalked down my friend on Facebook and arranged for her to get them from us.


14 Feb 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today Simon and I celebrate 3.5 years together. We’ve been through a lot during that time and both the happy and sad times has made us grow stronger. I believe you should show your appreciation and love not only on one day of the year but I still like Valentine’s Day. It’s a perfect opportunity to be a little extra romantic and express your love to your partner even though it’s a bit of a Hallmark holiday. 😉


06 Dec 2012


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Some days Australia feels further away than other days. Today is one of those days. It’s also the day when my brother and fiancee together with my sister and boyfriend are getting on a plane to fly to Gran Canaria. Tomorrow my parents will follow. It’s not just for a normal family holiday where they all decided to escape the Swedish winter. They all going there because Anders and Linda are getting married on Monday.

Initially we were meant to be there too but in the end decied not to go. We couldn’t justify spending that much money, taking unpaid leave from work for just a week’s holiday. Not after all the expenses we’ve had with the move. We simply couldn’t afford it. Anders and Linda will come here for their honeymoon in the end of March though and we’ll be able to spend a whole month together. I’m really excited about that and I know we’ll have a blast but it doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m missing out on my brother’s wedding, on sharing that special day with my family. I don’t regret our decision not to go but I’ll still feel sad about not being there if that makes sense. I know that our life will have plenty more of these kind of situations when you wish it was easy to just pop over for a short visit. The downside of being a Swaussie if you like (luckily there are heaps of perks too though, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it).

But I’ll stop being a sulk and instead wish Anders & Linda all the best for their very special day. I know it will be perfect and absolutely beautiful. You’ll be in our thoughts and we’ll look forward to seeing heaps of photos and hear more about the wedding and the holiday. Love you lots and lots!!

08 Nov 2012

I miss my bestie

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I wish he was here. I think about him every day and I miss him heaps my beautiful little PoPo.

22 Oct 2012


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Speaking to almost the entire family on Skype at the same time plus receiving this photo with Nana in it. Happiness!

Being apart from your family and friends is the toughest part of moving to the other side of the world but it’s nice to at least be able to watch them via Skype almost feeling like you’re in the same room as them.

14 Aug 2012

Happy anniversary

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Who knew that what started three years ago would turn out to be something so great. 🙂