21 May 2012

Årets första

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Solen skiner över Göteborg, huliganerna…jag menar fansen samlar sig. Dags för årets första derby på Gamla Ullevi.


18 Jul 2011

BBQ, pavlova and new furniture

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It’s been such a busy weekend I didn’t even get the chance to try out my mobile internet yesterday but now I’m back online again and it feels great. I feel half without my internet connection, without my blog, Facebook and my twitter. 😛

Saturday started early, we had the laundry booked for 7am. So much for sleeping in. We’re used to having our own laundry machine and being able to book the common laundry room with short notice. That’s all over. now! Now we have only the common laundry room at our disposal and it’s hard to get a time with short notice, especially since we need to do washing every weekend when Simon is home. Read more

27 Apr 2011

Big changes ahead

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I’ve been dying to share the good news with you all and now I just have to before I burst. We’re moving to Göteborg/Gothenburg! Since Simon is going to be placed at his company’s office in Göteborg shortly (still not sure when exactly) I asked if I could transfer to our sales office in Göteborg. I won’t get into details but it took a while to get a reply but in the end of last week I got an ok. So as soon as our living arrangements are sorted and my new desk has arrived at the office in Göteborg I can move. Easy peasy, hey!?

It’s so much to think of and organise and on top of that both Simon and I are extremely busy at work right now. Him being away all week is not good. Not only do I miss him a lot of course and it’s empty without him, I also get bored at night and end up working way too much. But right now I’m at the stage where I’m just drained and tired (and this just three days after the four day Easter weekend). I think I’ll try to forget about work tonight, pamper myself a bit and go to bed early.