24 Jan 2012

Comfy camping

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The same day we arrived in Melbourne after leaving Adelaide we took the train and bus up to Strathmerton (around 240 km from Melbourne) to go camping along the Murray River. We had a couple of nice days just hanging out at camp. It was relaxing doing nothing, just sit around the fire talking, go for a swim, read a book, drink beer and watch a movie at night on the big screen. That’s what I call comfy camping.

It’s pretty by the river.

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31 Aug 2011

Another wedding

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Unfortunately I didn’t take that many photos this last weekend during the rainy wedding in Trollhättan (don’t even have a photo of me and Simon). I’m therefore not going to give you long recap of the day either but I do want to once again congratulate the newlyweds, wish them all the best for the future and thank them for sharing their special day with us! Hope you have a great honeymoon in Aruba, Frida & Olof.

17 Aug 2011

Wedding in Karlshamn

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The happy newly weds outside the church.

I’m not going to write a long recap about the weekend since I’m writing this post quickly on my lunch hour (I hate not having internet at home by the way) but I want to show a couple of pics from the wedding. It was held in Elleholm’s church and the reception was held at Eriksberg, a nature reserve just outside Karlshamn. The location, the food and the company was really excellent and we had a wonderful day.  We’re so happy that Lina and Christian let us share the day with them and we wish them lots of happiness in the future.

The radiant bride.

And the handsome Swaussie couple. :P

01 Aug 2011

Hen night

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Did you figure out Friday’s clue? The secret was one of my high school friend’s hen night, bachelorette party or möhippa as we say in Swedish. I think the British, Irish, Aussies and Kiwis call it a hen night/party and the Americans use the term bachelorette party. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. What’s different from a Swedish möhippa and an Australian hen night is that in Sweden it’s a big secret. The bride to be doesn’t know about the party in advance (the same goes for the guy on his bachelor/stag/box party or svensexa as we call it in Swedish). Read more

31 Mar 2011

Kiruna weekend

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I finally got around to writing an update about our weekend in Kiruna. Since Simon was in Göteborg having training during Wednesday and Thursday we thought it was a good idea to fly to Stockholm from there instead of having to drive. It didn’t feel as such a good idea on the Friday morning when the alarm went off at 4.40 am. We quickly packed our stuff and took the bus to the train station where we took the airport shuttle bus to Landvetter airport. Our flight was at 7 am in the morning which meant that we were very early in Arlanda and had a couple of hours to kill before we had our second flight to Kiruna.

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28 Jun 2010

A perfect Midsummer…almost

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I ended up having a lovely Midsummer in the archipelago. I took the public boat out to Tjärö after waiting in line for an hour (was lucky though the queue got longer after I arrived and the boat only took 50 people at the time) and met up with Maria and Håkan there, they arrived already on the Thursday with their boat to get a good spot.

A weekend filled with lots of boats and people everywhere, no rain in sight and lots of sun, dance around the maypole, the cutest godchild I could ever ask for, good company, yummy food and rosé wine plus one or two schnapps. Nothing to complain about at all except that Simon wasn’t there to share it with me. Missed him a lot! Read more