09 Jan 2013


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certain friends

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08 Dec 2012

Life could be worse

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It’s a 40 degree day in Melbourne and after last night’s Christmas party with my work just hanging in the pool at our friends’ house in Eltham is a perfect activity.


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08 Oct 2012

Weekend at Bernie’s

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Another weekend quickly over and it’s back to work today. This weekend was spent in Nathalia, a little town about 220 km north of Melbourne. A friend of ours grew up there and we went up to attend her 30th that she decided to celebrate up there. A really good party with excellent food and nice to get a little bit of country spirit as well. :)

Great decorations

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20 Jul 2012

Hanging out with Pippi

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Ella Bella Boll

Today I’ve had a really nice day visiting the Baltic Sea Festival with Pippi Longstocking and her family. ;) I’ve still heard nothing more from Simon besides the “I made it.” text I received yesterday. Typical guy text by the way, not very informative when it comes to details. :) I hope he’ll get an Aussie number soon so I can get an update. I want to know what’s going on, what our apartment is like, what it feels like to be home, if he has moved in to our place yet and all that other stuff

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20 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ

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We’ve been trying to spend time with friends and family before we leave and just so Simon could meet all our friends down here in Karlshamn one more time before he left we had organised to have  a little summer barbecue in mum’s garden last Sunday. We got lucky and had no rain all afternoon and we had a great time.

To see some photos just look under photos/Sweden/Summer BBQ up the top.

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06 Jul 2012

Early brekkie w/ friends

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25 Jun 2012

Midsummer weekend

No Comments Jönköping

Midsummer was this weekend and even though we have lots of packing to do we took the time off to go visit friends in Jönköping. It ended up being a really good decision since we had a great time and Simon experienced his first traditional Midsummer celebration. We got lucky with the weather too since the forecast rain didn’t come until in the evening.

The Sunday was spent sorting boxes and packing so not a very exciting end to the weekend. I can’t wait for everything to be packed and ready!

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06 Jun 2012

Maria & Håkan

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Took a little break from my packing and have been editing some more of Maria and Håkan’s wedding photos. Even though I got some really good shots I really feel that I want to become a better photographer and learn more about editing my photos. Maybe I’ll sign up for an evening photo class in Melbourne if I have the time.

Finaste Maria & Håkan. Två underbara vänner jag kommer sakna massor i Australien.

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24 Apr 2012

Viva la grill

2 Comments Göteborg

En god vän i stan på utbildning så passar på att ses, skvallra lite och äta gott på Sydamerikanska Tranquilo. Vardagslyx!



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10 Mar 2012

Catching up

No Comments Stockholm

So nice catching up with Becca after all this time. She has grown up and become such a lovely young woman!


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