26 Jul 2015

3 years and counting

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I can’t really believe it but today marks 3 years since I walked through customs at the airport in Melbourne to join Simon on our new adventure, a life together in Australia. I remember the day I left Sweden as if it was yesterday. The sadness of leaving friends and family mixed with the excitement of the unknown what was to come. It’s not always easy being an expat living far away from what used to be home (and in a way always will be). Sweden has a very special place in my heart and there are definitely things I miss about living there but most of all it’s the people I miss, my friends and family. That said though, Simon and I have built a very nice life for ourselves here in Australia and we are surrounded by lovely friends and family. You can’t have the cake and eat it too unfortunately so we’re happy with what we got, try to make the best out of the situation we’re in and look forward to what the future will bring us. 🙂

23 Jun 2011

Make your own Midsummer’s wreath

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It’s tradition to wear a head wreath with flowers for Midsummer and even if you can buy them, a lot of people actually make their own. Kate Wiseman has made a 5 step guide on how to make your own wreath in her expat blog at Sweden.se. If you want to give it a go, have a look HERE.

09 Apr 2011


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I found another interesting website I want to share with you. It’s the site xpats.nu which is an English speaking community in Sweden for expatriates. I think it’s a farely new site and it’s still being built up but you seem to be able to find tips about living in Sweden, finding a job and much more.

We are a team of foreigners who all independently came to Sweden looking for a successful and fulfilling life. We want to share our experience and help create a positive environment in which you too can become part of the Swedish community.