26 Jan 2013

Happy Australia Day!

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It’s a long weekend here in Australia this weekend due to it being Australia’s National Day today. Since this public holiday falls on a Saturday, which is already a day off work,¬† Monday is a public holiday as well. I like the way they Aussies think. ūüėČ

Melbourne weather is so weird, it¬†can change 15 degrees from one day to another. On¬†Thursday we had 38 or 39 degrees but today¬†the forecast says a¬†top temperature of 23 degrees for the day.¬†I know I just told you it’s a public holiday but Simon is working anyway. He has actually just signed a contract for a new job and he’s just helping his old boss out a bit before he starts his new job. I’m about to get started with my cleaning (I know our lifes are thrilling)¬† but we’ll be heading to a friend’s house in Altona later on for a drinks and a BBQ. No Australia day is complete without a barbie!


15 Sep 2012

Breakfast for champions

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10 Aug 2012


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20 Jul 2012

Summer BBQ

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We’ve been trying to spend time with friends and family before we leave and just so Simon could meet all our friends down here in Karlshamn one more time before he left we had organised to have¬† a little summer barbecue in mum’s garden last Sunday. We got lucky and had no rain all afternoon and we had a great time.

To see some photos just look under photos/Sweden/Summer BBQ up the top.

20 May 2012


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03 May 2012

Smokey Joe premiere

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22 Apr 2012

Life in suburbia

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Who says you can’t barbecue in the rain. Since it was already decided that we we’re going to have a barbecue tonight at A & L’s so we did even if the rain was pouring down. It’s a really nice little (or actually pretty big) Weber bbq they got themselves there, fitting right into the suburban dream.

Enough meat for 5 people you think? ;)

28 Feb 2012


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It seem to be a one track theme here lately, most posts being about barbecues in one way or the other . We found a barbecue at Bauhaus this weekend called Melbourne. ūüôā Read more

26 Feb 2012

Beautiful Saturday

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It was a beautiful spring day yesterday. The sun was out, it was around 10 degrees and the sky was blue. We took a long walk in the nice weather in the morning and then went to my brother’s and Linda’s for a lunch BBQ.

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24 Feb 2012

Smokey Joe

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We’re prepared. Spring can come whenever he/she wants now because yesterday, Smokey Joe moved in.

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