04 Oct 2012

Grand Final weekend

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What a weekend last weekend was, I feel like I need another one just to rest up. It was the Grand Final weekend, the Australian footy final between Hawthorn and the Sydney Swans. We had invited some friends over for a combined GF, housewarming and 30th party. Given the limited space in our apartment we were hoping for nice weather so we could be on the balcony. That didn’t exactly happen. Read more

26 Aug 2012

Carn the crows!

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22 May 2012

What team should you be barracking for?

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When in Oz you have to have a footy team that you go for.  For those of you that might be indecisive I’ll pass on a photo Marie shared in the Swaussie Facebook page that might help you make up your mind.

31 Mar 2012

Lazy Saturday

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We’re having a lazy Saturday morning here today and it feels great, just what I needed after this last week. Made an omelette breakfast and Simon just watched the Crows beat Gold Coast in their first footy match for the season.  I’m sitting here sipping on my coffee about to pay the bills so in other words no reason to complain so far.

24 Mar 2012

Busy day

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A rather grey Saturday here in Göteborg today but it’s been a busy one. We started off the morning meeting up with the AFL team here in Göteborg (the Göteborg Berserkers) for a brekkie and a live screening of the opening game of the 2012 AFL season. Not the most interesting game between the Giants and the Swans but still enjoyable. Simon stayed after the game with the rest of the team since they were going to kick some balls themselves after but I went home instead. I did make a stop on the way though at Löplabbet where I bought myself a pair of running pants. I noticed I’ve been deprived my entire life running in normal trackies. What a difference it was to run in these. So comfy it almost made my jog at Skatås enjoyable. But only almost. 🙂

23 Mar 2012

Be true to yourself

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Australia lost a legend this week. On March 20th the well respected former AFL player Jim Stynes lost his 3 year brave battle to cancer. He was only 45.


I’ve always learnt from Jim, but I think the most valuable lessons have been in the last few years. He never ceased to amaze me. An incredible man we have lost too early. – close friend John Lund

Not being Australian I slowly grasped, while speaking to Simon and reading articles and tributes online, what an impact this man has made on not only the Australian Football League but the entire country. He was not just a star footy player he was so much more; an AFL consecutive games record holder, a youth worker, a business man, a Victorian of the year winner, a football club chairman, the first international player to become a Brownlow medallist, a writer and a much loved Irish import.

Garry Lyon’s heartfelt tribute to his friend and former team mate.

Read more

07 Feb 2011

I love this game

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27 Sep 2010

Grand Final rematch

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As we wrote before the Grand Final on Saturday was a draw and the rules of AFL is a bit different from other sports, instead of playing another quarter or extra time, the premiership will be decided with a full replay rematch next Saturday. This doesn’t happen that often though, it actually only happened two times before in the history of AFL, back in 1948 and 1977.

If the replay game turn out to be a draw too, extra time will be played instead of having another replay so on Saturday there will be a winner of the 2010 AFL premiership – the Magpies or the Saints. Read more

25 Sep 2009

Grand Final Day

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t’s all about the Grand Final here in Australia right now and especially here in Melbourne. Since I didn’t have a clue what people were talking about before I’ll thought I would explain to you what’s all about.

The AFL Grand Final is an annual Australian rules football match, traditionally held on the final Saturday in September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne, Australia to determine the Australian Football League premiership champions. (This year the game is between St Kilda and Geelong)

The game has become significant to Australian culture, spawning a number of traditions and surrounding activities which have grown in popularity since the VFL/AFL went national in the 1980s. In 2006, the Sweeney Sports Report concluded that the AFL Grand Final became Australia’s most important sporting event, with the largest attendance, metropolitan television audience and overall interest of any annual Australian sporting event.

With an official attendance of 100,012 at the 2008 AFL Grand Final, it’s currently the best attended domestic club championship event in the world. Read more

23 May 2009

Australian Football – Footy

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Det är publiksiffran i fredags i Ethiad Stadium under fotbollsmatchen mellan ligans hittills i säsongen obesegrade, Geelong Cats och Melbournelaget Western Bulldogs. Jag var en av dessa besökarna tillsammans med tre killar från jobbet (två av våra säljare och så Peter). Var en helt ok match enligt experterna och för mig som aldrig varit på en match tidigare var det ju lite extra spännande. Vann gjorde inte helt oväntat Geelong men bara med två poäng och det var spännande in i det sista. Tyvärr tänkte jag inte på att ta med min systemkamera till matchen (hade nog kunnat bli några bra bilder) men vi åkte direkt från jobbet till arenan och det var inget jag hade tänkt på att ta med till jobbet. Efter matchen blev det en liten pubrunda med boysen men jag var hemma runt 01.30 så det blev inte så sent. Read more