20 Jul 2013


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20130722-183652.jpg We know ūüėČ

15 Jul 2013

14 years

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I just realised today that when we move to our house it will be the first time in about 14 years that I’ll actually be living in a house again. No more apartment living. Woho!! Though I’ll miss our amazing view of Melbourne when we move. I guess you can’t both have your cake and eat it too.

14 Jul 2013

We got a house!

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We’re a bit overwhelmed at the moment, it all happened very quickly yesterday but we’re now¬†house owners! Two weeks ago we found a house out in Eltham North that we really liked. To be honest I thought Simon was a bit nuts first when he showed me the house on realestate.com.au and I couldn’t really see the potential Simon saw. But after going to the open inspection and seeing it live I was on board. The house needs a lot of work but it got huge potential. Immediately after we had seen the property last weekend we started making renovation and extension plans to figure out what we could do, how much it would roughly cost so we know what we would be able to offer.


We arranged a building inspection of the house on Thursday and we both arranged to be there during the inspection and we got to meet the 70 year old lady that lives there and speak to hear. We found out on Thursday that they already received an offer on the house from someone who would like to tare down the house and build a new one. Given that the lady have lived in the house for 30 years she’s very attached to it and would rather sell to someone that would keep it. Something that could work in our favour since we found out during the building inspection that it wasn’t anything structurally wrong with the house. Read more

11 Jul 2013

Good day

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good day

09 Jul 2013

DJ Vaggsy in the house

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Simon’a new toy finally arrived yesterday – his new DJ decks!


02 Jul 2013

You make my heart smile

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02 Jul 2013

Active Body Challenge

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I’ve been doing an Active Body Challenge (ABC) over the past six weeks run by my SWEA friend and health coach Lisen. Every Monday after work I’ve been driving to Elsternwick (about1 hour from my work) to join in. I’ve been questioning if it has been worth it and last night I got the answer; Yes!

Last night was final weigh in and measuring day. Over the six weeks I’ve lost 2.5% of my initial start weight, which in fact isn’t that much, only 2.1 kg but I’m still happy. What I’m even happier and surprised about is the overall 18 cm I’ve lost.


Next week I’m joining my second ABC. Another six weeks coming up. This is only the beginning (I hope)! ūüôā if only my back would get better too so I could do some serious exercising too.

27 Jun 2013

Bad car luck

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We’ve had extreme bad luck with cars lately. Two weekends ago Simon’s sister and boyfriend were visiting from Adelaide and they got their car broken into. Sunnies, GPS, iPod and keys stolen. A couple of days later Simon hit another car while exiting Costco’s car park and trying to squeeze by the car that was waiting to enter the very busy car park. We were in a rush trying to get home to go into the city for a footy game. Damages to the car that we hit and our car and the insurance company got involved.

A few days later it was my turn, on my way home from work I got hit and smashed the mirror. I was driving in my lane trying to pass a car with a trailer when that car decided he was merging into my lane. In order not to get hit I moved over to my right a little bit while breaking and got hit by a car from the oncoming traffic. Luckily it was just the mirror that took the hit, it could have gone a lot worse and fortunately there has only been damages to the car but the cost of getting it repaired is annoying. Since it’s said that bad things comes in threes, hopefully this is it for now.


27 Jun 2013

Adelaide memories

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When Anders and Linda was here we took heaps of photos and I’ve just started to go¬†through¬†them all uploading them on the website and creating a photo book. ¬†It takes heaps of time but I thought I would at least share some of the pics from the great time we had in Adelaide. ¬†Follow the link ¬†below to go have a look.¬†


27 Jun 2013

Sleeping beauty

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