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31 Jan 2011

Weather insight

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We haven’t updated you on the weather/temperature situation in Australia in a while, perhaps mostly because we’re too jealous of the warm and sunny weather. It’s the middle of summer Down Under and the forecast for today for example looked like this:

30 Nov 2010

Colder than in 100 years

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I’m off to Stockholm tonight, attending a training class there the next couple of days an to my horror I read in the news today that they expect it to be freezing cold in the Capital this week, actually colder than in 100 years to be exact. Plus there will be more snow. Great!

The temperatures are actually a lot lower than normal, for this time of the year, in basically all of Sweden. It’s the NAO, the North Atlantic Oscillation, that’s causing this cold weather. Normally the phenomenon results in mild westerly winds sweeping in over Sweden but now it’s in a negative phase which leads to those westerly winds ending up further south and instead cold air from the north flows over the country.

The same thing happened last year and then it lasted for a long time resulting in a long, cold and white winter but according to the Swedish Weather Bureau (SMHI) this doesn’t neccesarily mean that the whole winter will be this cold, it can change quickly. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that at least the temperatures go up a bit. I don’t mind the snow but the cold is not my friend!

Läs mer om vad som förosakar det rådande väderläget och föklaringen till varför vintern kom så tidigt på SMHI’s hemsida – HÄR.

25 Nov 2010

A cold weekend ahead

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23 Nov 2010

Me no likie

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Ok, it’s a lot of weather talk right now in all the blog posts I know but it’s affecting the everyday life a lot so it’s a big focus. we get reports of great weather in Melbourne and Adelaide and with the snowy weather we had yesterday and are having today of course we get jealous. Driving to work is a bit of a pain when it’s snowing, I work about 40 km northwest of Jönköping and it feels a bit like driving out to the middle of nowhere. The last 15km of the road is not high priority when it comes to plowing so the road conditions are not great. On top of the fact that it was snowing it was also quite windy this morning making the snow drift over the road. Instead of going the normal 90km/h most of the way we had to drive slow around 60-70 km/h.

I hate, or hate is a strong word…I strongly dislike this time of the year. 🙂 It would be one thing if the snow stayed but since it’s not really cold enough it gets slushy, wet and yucky. But the thing I strongly dislike the most is the fact that it gets dark so freaking early. Look at the pic below…the sun goes down at 3.30pm!

Well enough whining and back to work. I’ll try to write something a bit more cheerful, non weather related even, later on! 😉

Have a good day!
22 Nov 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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Another snowfall. Not too bad in Jönköping this morning but 20-30 cm snow at work and it’s still snowing!
09 Nov 2010

Oh no – no brush or ice scraper!

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09 Nov 2010

Snowy and windy

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We’re a bit dorky we know but weather fascinates us so therefore – here is a status update on today’s weather conditions in Sweden.

The Swedish Meteorological Agency (SMHI) issued a class 2 warning (orange field below) yesterday after predicting several centimetres of snowfall which is expected to cause traffic problems in combination with anticipated high winds. SMHI also issued a class 1 warning (yellow fields above) for the surronding counties.

In Sweden wind speeds are measured in meters/second which is different from Australia where they talk about kilometers/hour. It confused me a lot when I was in Melbourne, I never had a clue and found it hard to relate what that would be in our Swedish system. The picture below shows the wind conditions in Sweden at 10 am this morning and as a reference the wind speeds converted are:

1 m/s = 3.5 km/h
2 m/s = 7 km/h
5 m/s = 18 km/h
7 m/s = 25 km/h
10 m/s = 36 km/h
12 m/s = 43 km/h
15 m/s = 54 km/h
20 m/s = 72 km/h
25 m/s = 90 km/h
32 m/s = 115 km/h

Jönköping is in the class 1 warning area and it’s been a bit windy so far and 5-10 centimeters of snow is expected during the day. A bit different from the Australian weather right now that’s for sure.


Class 1:
Weather conditions that may cause some disruption for the general public and society.

Class 2:
Weather conditions that may mean danger for the general public, large material damage and disrupt important functions in society. The general public is recommended to check tv, radio and the internet for updates.

Class 3:
Extreme weather conditions that could be very dangerous to the general public, and cause severe disruption to society. The general public is recommended to check tv, radio and the internet for updates.

22 Oct 2010

First snow

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It’s not much but it’s white, it’s snow and it’s definitely way too early!

30 Jul 2010

What happened to summer?

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12 Jul 2010

Highest temperature since 1994

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I know Simon and all you other Aussies don’t think it ever gets warm in Sweden at all. But yesterday we reached the highest reading measured in Sweden since 1994 – 35 degrees (according to the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute – SMHI). Jönköping registered 33,4 degrees which was the same as the standing record from 1941. It was also a so called tropical night in many places meaning the temperature didn’t go below 20 degrees overnight. I also know you don’t think it’s that hot at all that it’s not humid at all here so we shouldn’t even start to complain. And believe me I’m not complaining I love summer, but it was hot here yesterday let’s just leave it at that.

The highest temperature reading ever in Sweden is 38 degrees and it was measured in Ulltuna back in 1933 and in Målilla in 1947.