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06 Sep 2010

Sverige vs Australia #13

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Familiar with the concept BYO (Bring Your Own)? All Australians and Kiwis are. Many restaurants down under has a BYO policy which means you can bring your own wine to the restaurant. These restaurants have a special liquor license and as a guest you often pay a fee for doing this.

I like it and I wouldn’t mind if Sweden had BYO restaurants especially when you for example know the wine costs 69 SEK at Systembolaget and the restaurant make you pay four times as much for the same bottle. So “unfortunately” another point goes to Australia.

Sverige – Australia 6-7

02 Sep 2010

Sverige vs Australia #12

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Australia just had a federal election (August 21) and the Swedish election for parliament is coming up on the September 19 so I figured this comparison was appropriate.

I don’t know that much about the Australian political system and how it works but I found out one thing the other day and that’s what I’m going to compare here today. Australia has compulsory voting for state and federal elections and in some states even for local council elections.

About 5% of the enrolled voters fail to vote and they then have to explain why. If the reason isn’t satisfactory (satisfactory reasons being for example illness or religious prohibition) a small fine is issued (only $20) and failure to pay the fine may result in a court hearing.

In Sweden all Swedish citizens who have reached the age of 18 by election day and who are or have been resident in Sweden are entitled to vote. It’s not compulsory but something you do out of free will.

I think you should vote out of free will and not because it’s compulsory so this point goes to Sweden.

Just on a side note, counting the votes from the Australian election seems to take ages. It’s been 12 days and they’re still not finished. At this stage Labour has 74 seats won and Coalition 73 seats (76 seats are needed to form government).

Sverige – Australia 6-6

01 Sep 2010

Sverige vs Australia #11

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I think it’s time for another difference between Sweden and Australia. This one was a big issue the weekend of my 30th party. Simon couldn’t believe that you couldn’t buy ice at the supermarket or petrol station. How is the beer going to stay cold then?! So how do Swedes get their ice? Well, we make it ourselves….and yes it takes a lot longer time and requires a lot of space in the freezer to get up to the quantity a bag of ice will give you. But during wintertime we just use the snow!

To be fair though we did end up buying ice for the party from the local fish market. The beer smelt a bit fishy but who cares ūüėõ Still this point goes to Australia, I agree…it’s very handy to be able to buy a bag of ice!

Update 2010-10-30 We found ice!!

Sverige – Australia 5-6

02 Aug 2010

I’ve been duped

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I’ve always lived under the, as it turns out, false pretence that Mariekex (Marie Biscuits) was a typical Swedish biscuit. But that’s not the case, something I found out when I was browsing Arnott’s homepage yesterday and found them there too. Arnott’s is a well known Australian biscuit manufacturer, similar to what G√∂teborgs Kex is in Sweden (don’t ask me why I was browsing a biscuit manufacturer’s homepage because I really don’t know how I ended up there).


When I googled Marie biscuits (I love googling stuff) I found out that they were first created by an English bakery back in 1874 to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh and later spread across the world. G√∂teborgs Kex, the manufacturer in Sweden, is only one out of about 30 manufacturers around the world that have Marie Biscuits in their range. My view of the world will never be the same! ūüėõ


But it’s still a very good biscuit. Should ask Simon to bring a pack so we can have a taste test and see if they really do taste the same here and in Australia ūüôā

30 Jul 2010

Sverige vs Australia #10

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In Australia the kids in all private and government schools wear school uniforms.

In Sweden we’ve never had it (except in some private schools) even though the issue has been up for discussion.

I like the fact that we don’t have to wear uniforms in Sweden even though I can see some benefits with having them. But still they’re ugly and this point goes to Sweden.

Are you for or against school uniforms?

Sverige – Australia 5-5

27 Jul 2010

Sverige vs Australia #9

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In Australia you can buy ice cream at the cinemas something I, as a Swede, found really strange. Not just ice cream bars either but cones with scoops of ice cream. Kulglass as we would say in Sweden, don’t know if there is a good English word for it.

I’m not personally a big ice cream fan and I would imagine it can get really messy bringing in ice cream into the saloon. But I guess I’ll hand the point to Australia anyway for being creative and offering the option. ūüôā

Would you eat ice cream at the cinema?

Sverige – Australia 4-5

19 Jun 2010

Sverige vs Australia so far

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Comparing differences between Sweden and Australia is something Anna started in her blog and we’ll continue doing it here. Here you can find the links to the blog posts so far in the category.

You can always reach this posts in the top menu under Other/Sweden vs Australia. Maybe you have something you’ve discovered that is different that you want to share!? Post a comment and let us know.