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18 Aug 2013

Delicious Protein Balls

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It can be hard to change your lifestyle and eating habits and finding a healthy snack can be difficult. I tried a new protein ball recipe this weekend that I really liked so I thought I would share it with you. It’s not a yummy chocolate ball but it is yummy enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

These protein packed power balls are a great source of complete protein that contain all the essential amino acids needed for repair and for a healthy immune system, also a good source of vitamin E and minerals from the almonds and fresh dates. The cinnamon adds a lovely flavour and also helps stabilise blood sugar levels. If you can’t have nuts, I would grind up some lovely sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds then throw them in the mix in place of the almonds.

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08 May 2012

Tex Mex pie

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On request, after posting a post on Facebook showing the delicious Tex Mex pie I made this weekend, I’ll now share the recipe with you all.

It’s a Swedish recipe directly translated so you have to be careful when it comes to the measurements, a table spoon in Sweden and USA for example is 15 ml and in Australia it’s 20 ml. (I’ve  been frustrated about before – read HERE). I’m not sure you’ll be able to find créme fraiche and the taco seasoning mix for example either but maybe you know what to substitute it with. Sorry about the bad photo of the half eaten pie but I didn’t take a photo of it before we dug in so that’s all I got. 🙂

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30 Nov 2011

Saffransbullar med mandelmassa och apelsin

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Har fått lite önskemål om att dela med mig av receptet till de mumsiga saffransbullarna så här kommer det. Read more

14 Jun 2011

Key lime paj på kanel, jordgubbar och lime

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19 Apr 2011

What’s wrong with SI units?

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In Sweden we use deciliters and in Australia and America they use cups. Well, just convert between the two, it’s easy, you might think. Well, apperently it’s not! A cup in the US is not the same thing as a cup in Australia. I learned this from Marie (my new Aussie Guru when it comes to Australian cooking and baking) who today informed me that 1 cup in the US is equal to 2 dl and 1 cup in Australia is 2.5 dl. And the same goes for tablespoons too, in Australia it’s 20ml and in the US it’s 15ml. This can make a big difference in a recipe so it means I have to know if it’s an American or Australian recipe if I want translate it into Swedish, hence the question – What’s wrong with SI units?

For those unfamiliar with what SI units is, it’s an International System of Units – a standard for God’s sake…USE IT! 🙂

18 Apr 2011

Hot Cross Buns

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Easter is just around the corner and this year the Aussies actually get a five day weekend. This because Easter Monday actually falls on the same day as ANZAC day. If this happened in Sweden it would just be “tough luck you lost a free day off work, better luck next year“, but in Australia you get another day off just to compensate for the fact that you had two public holidays fall on the same day. I like the Aussie way better. 😛

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05 Apr 2011

Almost glass

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Italiensk dessert bjöds det på i helgen i form av Semifreddo. Semi freddo betyder halvfryst. Jag har aldrig provat att göra det tidigare men det visade sig att det var väldigt enkelt och gick snabbt. En utsökt dessert redo att avnjutas efter bara några timmar och ingen glassmaskin behövs det heller. Kanon!

Simon var lite skeptisk först när vi förklarade att det nästan var som glass. Han är en stor glassälskare och var inte helt övertygad om att almost glass riktigt skulle räcka men försäkrade oss alla att han hade en plan B redo i form av vanlig glass. 🙂 Plan B behövde dock inte utnyttjas för semifreddon fick två tummar upp av alla.  Även det här receptet är hämtat från Jennies hemsida – Read more

04 Apr 2011

Morotssoppa med chilikräm/Carrot soup with chili cream

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Morotssoppan som ingick i helgens meny har jag hittat på Jennies mycket trevliga hemsida – Jennie är med i Sveriges Mästerkock (svenska Masterchef) som sänds på TV just nu och hon bjuder på massor med härlig matlagningsinspiration och recept på sin hemsida. Read more

04 Apr 2011

Nyttigt GI knäcke/Healthy crisp bread

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Jag har ju absolut ingen matlagningsblogg men jag delar ju med mig av en del recept då och då, därför har jag nu skapat en ny kategori som heter just recept – Recipes.

Dagens första recept blir det goda och nyttiga knäckebröd som min kollega tipsat mig om och som vi hade med på vår meny under vår matlagningshelgen. Enkelt och hur smarrigt som helst, fast frågar du Simon anser han det vara fågelmat. 🙂

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25 Mar 2011

Waffle Day

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It’s the 25th of March today and that according to the Swedish calender that means it’s Våffeldagen (the Waffle Day)! It’s also the Christian Feast of Annunciation (in Swedish: Marie Bebådelsedagen/Vårfrudagen). Most people don’t particular celebrate the feast of Annunciation but the day is considered to be the start of spring in Sweden so that’s worth celebrating. And what could possibly be a better way to celebrate it in than eating waffles?!

Swedish waffles are shaped as hearts and you can either eat them whole (5 small hearts connected) or tear them apart and eat them individually and of course you need to eat them with traditional toppings which are jam (in the north normally cloudberry jam, in Swedish: hjortronsylt), whipped cream or ice cream and maybe some fresh strawberries. Yummy!

Since we’re on the road we’ll see if there will be any waffles today otherwise I guess we just have to celebrate this very important day next week when we’re back home again. 🙂

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