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15 Feb 2012


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The Swaussie blog has existed since June 2010 but I’ve been blogging in different blogs since 2007.  I’ve been loyal to since the start but I feel like I’ve outgrown the site and it is time for a change so therefore I’m trying something new. We now have our own domain and we now run the blog on WordPress instead. The old Swaussie blog has been transferred here so you’ll still be able to find our old posts in the archive. I’ll keep tweaking the design until I’m happy, so bare with me if the blog looks like a construction site until I’m done.

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02 Nov 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

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It’s always a great feeling when someone appreciate our blog and let’s us know it. Therefore I was very happy when we received this Versatile Blogger Award from Laura last week. Thank you so much for nominating us! 🙂

There are a few things you need to do when you receive the award, the first one being to link to the person who nominated you of course. I recommend you to go have a look in Laura and Ryan’s blog, When in Oz, where they share their experiences as expats in Australia. Read more

28 Sep 2011


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Äntligen har slĂ€ppt en iPhone app. Via appen kan du blogga, godkĂ€nna kommentarer, lĂ€sa bloggar, följa dina favoritbloggar och kolla in topplistorna var du Ă€n befinner dig. Du behöver inte sjĂ€lv ha en blogg för att ha nytta av appen, du kan Ă€ven anvĂ€nda den till att följa dina favoritbloggar frĂ„n sĂ„ ladda ner appen (som Ă€r gratis) och följ oss direkt i mobilen!

Precis laddat ner appen sjÀlv, vi fÄr se hur bra den visar sig vara.

05 Sep 2011


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Something happened yesterday. Not sure what but somehow we had 504 (!) unique visitors in the blog. Over 500 visitors in one day, it’s definetely a personal record for us. I hope at least some of you liked what you found and will return back for more and don’t be afraid to leave us a comment to let us know you were here.

10 Aug 2011

No internet

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Since I’ve no Internet at home right now (I’ll update you on the story soon), the blog will unfortunately run a bit slow until it’s sorted (God knows when that will be). A couple of pre set posts will appear now and then and I hope to be back in business very soon.

26 Jul 2011

Över 100 bloggar

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Jag vet inte om det Àr sÄ att vi svenskar Àr ovanligt glada för att blogga men min samlade blogglista över bloggande utlandssvenskar bara vÀxer och vÀxer.  Det Àr sÄ roligt att sÄ mÄnga delar med sig av sina Àventyr boende lÄngt borta frÄn Svea Rike.

Givetvis fĂ„r ni hemskt gĂ€rna fortsĂ€tta lĂ€gga till bloggar ni tycker saknas och om du inte har tittat pĂ„ listan sĂ„ tycker jag du ska kika in HÄR och fĂ„ lite inspiration. Nu kan du Ă€ven gilla blogglĂ€nkarna och lĂ„ta andra lĂ€sare fĂ„ veta om det Ă€r nĂ„gon blogg som Ă€r extra lĂ€svĂ€rd (enligt dig).

21 Jul 2011

You know us

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Since we have just over 100 unique visitors every day I’m guessing that some of you return on a regular basis. We appreciate you popping in of course and hope you enjoy what you read. You know quite a lot about us but it’s few of you that leaves a comment and that we know. It’s of course voluntary to leave a comment after reading but it would be fun to know:

04 Jul 2011

New design

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I needed to get my mind off work and the move so I just played around a bit with Photoshop this evening giving the blog a new design. Nothing fancy but something new. What do you think, you like it or not?




03 May 2011

Jag Àr en förrÀdare

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Jag funderar pĂ„ att lĂ€mna Jag kĂ€nner mig begrĂ€nsad och jag vill prova mina vingar nĂ„gon annanstans (har lĂ€st mig till att det ska gĂ„ att importera denna bloggen i en ny för att inte förlora mina inlĂ€gg och kommentarer). Jag funderar pĂ„ att vĂ€nda mig till WordPress istĂ€llet och kanske Ă€ven vĂ€lja en egen domĂ€n och blogga frĂ„n ett eget webbhotell men jag vet för lite om det sĂ„ nu behöver jag er lĂ€sares kloka rĂ„d. Är det nĂ„gon som anvĂ€nder sig av WordPress som kan lĂ€mna en recension? Kanske nĂ„gon Ă€ven har en egen domĂ€n och anvĂ€nder sig av ett eget webbhotell och kan ge mig lite tips och rĂ„d om det ocksĂ„. Kort och gott, alla rĂ„d Ă€r vĂ€lkomna! 🙂

I’m a traitor. I’m thinking of leaving I feel limited and I want to try my wings somewhere else. My thoughts have been on using WordPress instead and maybe blog using my own domain and webhotel. I don’t know enough about it though so I would like to ask for advice. Are any of you readers using WordPress and if you do how do you like it? Is anyone blogging using their own webhotel and can give me some advice about that? In short, any advice is welcome! 🙂

07 Apr 2011

Record high

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I just want to wish every new and returning visitor to our blog welcome. We have had an increasing number of visitors the last month and a record high number of unique visitors in our blog today – 144 to be exact. I hope you enjoy our rambling and I also want to express how much we appreciate when you leave a comment before you leave, it always brightens our day. So once again, welcome and welcome back!



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